Everyday Life in the Algarve

But not as we know it!

Perhaps looking at this photograph you would be forgiven for thinking the shot was taken in the heart of the country, and not in a small town in the Western Algarve.

Everyday life in the Algarve, but not as we know it!
Everyday life in the Algarve, but not as we know it!

When I captured this moment it was if I’d  stepped back in time to another era and a totally different way of life in Portugal.  I wonder how he feels about the changes to his everyday life.  Are they better or worse?

Burro and cart in Portugal
Burro and cart in Portugal

What changes he must have witnessed after the Carnation Revolution in 1974, yet his life, to an outsider, seems unchanged. Did he resist change or is he trapped by poverty?

A new way of life merges seamlessly with the old
A new way of life merges seamlessly with the old

This post was inspired by the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge  this week’s theme is “Everyday Life”


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  1. What a blast from the past, my sister and I used to ride in the baskets that are put over the donkeys back, one on each side when we lived as little girls in a little town near Obidos. Took a similiar pictures when I first brought my own children to Portugal back in 1992. Didn’t know they could still be seen in a touristy place like the Algarve though. Love your blog.


    1. Hi EC, Mr Piglet has just pointed out to me the cart has modern tyres. I thought there was something odd about the picture. So he is def blending the old with the new! As I pointed out to Mr Piglet…I don’t suppose there is anywhere which make the old wheels now!


    1. Hi Sami, looking at several of the older men who gather in a shelter to play games and chat, I bet they have some stories to share. I watch them tending their hortas and would love to ask them questions about their crops


  2. I think that in recession the simple things like this, are a great benefit, and probably cheaper to run…and when oil runs out in a few decades time the burro probably won’t be around but the cart will be even more useful!
    We might be seeing more of this where ever we live! (I’d like that!)
    If it’s for preference rather than necessity then excellent! bravo to someone “bucking” the trend and being ecologically friendly along the way !!!


    1. Hi Lisa,
      We were driving through this old town, when Mr. Piglet spotted the burro and cart and he kindly stopped so I could take some “discreet” photographs. Perhaps he has not changed his way of life because he is happy, lives simply and has everything he needs. It is such a contrast to much of the Algarve


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