Finally Published!

I’ve not posted any updates to my blog for a while. That’s not because I’ve been slacking, nope. I’ve been working on a romance novel that has consumed all my spare time. Even my beloved garden has taken second place, as have my other creative hobbies such as creating mosaics and painting.

Anyways, a chance meeting via the Internet with American author D.L Keur resulted in several hilarious, lost-in-translation conversations regarding the differences between US and UK English, as well as some very ‘interesting’ learning experiences with colloquial sayings …such as ‘hairy eyeball’. Do you know what that means? I didn’t!

For many writers, writing is an itch that needs to be scratched, but few get the opportunity to fulfil their dreams, creating an amazing romance series while teaming up with a talented full-time author such as D. L. Keur.

The 1st Promise – A Brit Meets Yank Romance

When Dawn invited me to collaborate on a clean romance novel, ‘The Promise’ was conceived. Little did either of us realize that the ‘a novel’ would morph into an epic love story covering three full novels starring a feisty, world-class figure skater and a grumpy, woman-wary cowboy and his faithful canine friend, Buckley.

The depth of the characters we created has evolved since the story’s conception, maturing like good wine, but with the sparkle and fizz of the best champagne. Likewise, the concept of this tale has also blossomed into a catalogue of Brit Meets Yanks potential books, all inspired by a serendipitous moment.

You can read my author interview on


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  1. I absolutely LOVED reading this post today! I followed your blog many many years ago when I first started blogging – I always enjoyed your gardening posts because you had the garden I only dreamed of having.
    Congratulations on the book news! How fabulous!

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    1. Hi Vivian. Thank you for stopping by. I am still pinching myself it finally happened after false starts on other projects. Gardening is still a passion but I have very little time to write about it now and share photographs.


  2. Dear Carole, Congratulations on writing the romance novel!! I don’t know how you manage to do so many things!Its really admirable.Best greetingsMaria

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    1. Hi Laurie, the road to publication has indeed been quite a journey. Luckily for me my collab partner, D.L.Keur, is a full-time author, so she has plenty of experience and lots of patience. She designed the cover. I love it as it stands out from the usual romance themes.

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  3. Congratulations, Piglet (Carole)! My sister and her husband are another example of this phenomenon! Actually, so am I in my first marriage. Great idea. Looking forward to reading your author interview! Rebecca

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