Flashes: Call for Submissions

Hi fellow writers. I am going to give a shoutout for Flashes. Flashes is a literary website where we publish short stories, non-fiction, flash fiction, poetry and author interviews. Our goal is to give talented writers a platform to showcase their creativity, with an emphasis on original voice, innovative style and challenging plots. If you... Continue Reading →

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What a JOKE! Hospital Nightmare

Once my knee replacement operation was scheduled for the 13th August at Hospital Particular do Algarve, Alvor, I was advised to go into social isolation for 14 days prior to surgery - leaving home only for essential situations. I was also advised to wear a surgical mask in closed spaces and ensure social distance of... Continue Reading →

Covid-19, Lockdown Reflections and Beyond

When Portugal declared the end of the State of Emergency and moved to a new phase, aptly named ‘Calamity’, I felt apprehensive. There are still no reported cases of Covid-19 in the western corner of the Algarve but with the phased opening of restaurants, beaches, shops etc., even with limiting the numbers, maintaining social-distancing, hand... Continue Reading →

Poetry: The Human Lottery

Human Lottery Death, Human Lottery Vulnerable Destroy their ticket The Youth invincible Until their number is called Millennium children complain While prophets of doom and gloom proclaim: There are plenty of toilet rolls in Hell!   This is one of the poems I wrote for National Poetry Writing Month on writingforums.com where we were challenged... Continue Reading →

Garden Diary: February – Salad Crop, Potatoes, Confusion and a Rant Alert

While we've been enjoying beautiful weather we have followed storm Denis, which is ravaging parts of the UK, with horror. It certainly helps to put life into perspective when you see the devastation it has left in its wake. My thoughts are with you. This week's SOS focusses on the progress of my little horta... Continue Reading →

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