Finally Published!

I've not posted any updates to my blog for a while. That's not because I've been slacking, nope. I've been working on a romance novel that has consumed all my spare time. Even my beloved garden has taken second place, as have my other creative hobbies such as creating mosaics and painting. Anyways, a chance... Continue Reading →

Friday Fictioneers: Thinking Outside the Box

Mavis sighed, then summoned her husband. “Gerard, those damn hippies are back again in the woods next door!” Gerard groaned. Their local environmental group had only just finished clearing up all the soiled toilet paper, used condoms and rubbish from their last visit. “What do you expect me to do about it? ” “I don’t... Continue Reading →

What a Week! #WeekendCoffeeShare 21-10-22

It was our wedding anniversary on Tuesday. On Thursday we tried hydrotherapy pilates for the first time! AND Friday ... I am delighted to announce our online writing community ( published Halloween Tales: Short Stories of Supernatural Terror, and two of my stories were selected for publication. Happy dance in progress! Please take a look... Continue Reading →

Friday Flash Fiction: Sacrifice – A Wanton Waste of Water

A Wanton Waste of Water Words: 296 Prompt: Sacrifice Throughout the summer months, Madge worried about the worsening drought situation in the Algarve. She fretted. Dams were little more than puddles ... as was the river in her local town. Newspapers and online groups continually warned that without significant rainfall there would be a severe... Continue Reading →

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