Friday Flash Fiction: Broken

Writing Forums Friday Flash Fiction: This week’s prompt was ‘Broken’’

Max Words: 300

If it Ain’t Broke

Mavis lived by the wise old proverb: ‘if it ain’t broke don’t try and fix it’ … or should we?

Today her nine-year-old grandson came home from school and announced he could use any gender pronoun he chose, rather than ‘he’ and, as from tomorrow he would use the gender-neutral pronoun, ‘they’.

Mavis nearly choked on her afternoon cup of tea and spluttered, “Jason, you are a boy because you have a willie!”

Jason shook his head and spoke to her like a toddler just out of nappies and in the process of potty training. “No, Gran. You don’t understand, all my friends at school are changing their pronouns. It’s normal and there’s a load to choose from. You can be what you like whenever you like.”

Old and confused, Gran reflected on the meaning of the word ‘normal’ in today’s broken society and reached no conclusion given the world had changed so much since she was nine. At school, the boys played football and the girls, netball. Would they now have a ‘they’ team and if so, what sport did they play?

Mavis shook her head. “So what pronoun will you be using next week?”

“Dunno, Gran. I’ll see what I feel like when I wake up.”

“Okay, dear. And what do your parents say?”

“Not much.”

Realising she was waaaaay out of her depth, Gran nodded, smiled and swiftly changed the subject. Probably just a phase he was going through and it would ‘all come out in the wash’.

“So, would you like some homemade lemon drizzle cake or chocolate chip cookies with your glass of milk?”


I don’t know about Mavis being confused I’m totally befuddled! What about you?

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  1. So glad for your story about this subject, Piglet. I think the alternate title could be “Coming Soon to a Living Room Near You.” Two years ago our tween sat down on the couch with me and told me they preferred they pronouns. It’s taken two years for my husband and me to speak “they” fluently, but we are able to follow their request with very few mistakes now. I think we’re in an exciting time that will redefine gender for the future. Our child always has had a variety of interests that were nontraditional for their gender. If using “they” pronouns frees them to be who they are, I’ll happily comply.

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