What a Week! #WeekendCoffeeShare 21-10-22

It was our wedding anniversary on Tuesday. On Thursday we tried hydrotherapy pilates for the first time! AND Friday … I am delighted to announce our online writing community (writingforums.com) published Halloween Tales: Short Stories of Supernatural Terror, and two of my stories were selected for publication. Happy dance in progress! Please take a look

Available on Amazon
No Tricks Just Treats

As I mentioned above Tuesday we celebrated our wedding anniversary with a night away at the Marina Rio hotel in Lagos. The hotel enjoys a central location for both the central Lagos and the Marina with its great selection of bars and restaurants.

Although tempted to go to one of the Marina bars for a cocktail we decided to take a pre-dinner drink and an aperitif on our balcony which offered fabulous views over Lagos Marina and along the Avenida.

Lagos Marina

We also booked an Uber. Our first. Yep, we were Uber virgins. It took more than a few cuss words to master the technology and book a car but once we’d cracked the code … we were cooking on gas and the car arrived within minutes.

We wined and dined at No Patio where we enjoyed an amazing meal in a magical walled garden. A memorable evening. We topped off the evening with one for the road. An Irish Coffee. Perfect for the #weekendcoffeeshare

Wednesday – Oh joy, not. We went to Ikea and got sucked into the maze and almost lost the will to live. We made a spur-of-the-moment purchase in the shape of an industrial-style standard lamp which looked black in the showroom but once home and, without the glare of artificial lights, was grey. Arrrrrggghhhh

Have you ever tried to repack an Ikea product back in the box? Nope… well, I can tell you it would be easier for a toddler to crack the Rubik cube.

Oh, and Mr. Piglet was overjoyed because we ate in the restaurant. He loves Ikea meatballs. Are there any other fans out there?

Still, at least we enjoyed a walk around Mar shopping and I added another charm to my Pandora bracelet. I adore Pandora jewellery!

Is anyone participating in NaNoWriMo this year? I bit the bullet and registered.

Thursday – Another first. We tried Hidro Pilates … at least I think that’s what it was. Anyways, great fun! It rained most of the day, so a win-win for the plants and me.

Friday – yep, happy dance in progress. (although not too much dancing as I still ache from the hydrotherapy exercise from yesterday) Can’t wait to order my copy of the Anthology

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34 thoughts on “What a Week! #WeekendCoffeeShare 21-10-22

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  1. Happy Anniversary!! What fun! I too am an Uber virgin but I have an IKEA about 3 miles from me. I haven’t gone in a while, now I’m curious about their cafeteria. Can’t wait to check out your book! I am a Halloween fiend.. Congrats!

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    1. Thanks, Kathleen. Good luck with the Ikea experience. I probably should count my blessing that our Ikea is so far away. 3 miles and hubby would be there every week fro his ‘fix’ of meatballs.

      I hope you enjoy the book!


  2. Happy Anniversary! Your photos are amazing, it looks as if you all had wonderful scenery to celebrate your special day.
    Congratulations on being published. That’s wonderful. I would still be doing a happy dance.
    Well done, you!


  3. Yow! Pip, what a week indeed.
    LOL about your Uber – there needs to be a ritual where once a week, one phone app designer is hung by his/her thumbs while the rest of us get to throw spoiled food at them and all attendees are required to verbally taunt and demean the designated designer of the the worst app user interface. Some of these apps a are needlessly leaving emotional scars and ruined reputations.
    LOL about your IKEA adventures – sorry – but it was funny. Think of the meatballs as proactive therapy because YES – they are that good!
    Oh and congrats of course for the anniversary and still being together after that week. Wow.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hate all these apps, Gary. Whether it’s trying to make a hospital appointment or banking. Everyone wants an ‘in’ on the action. Soon we’ll need an app to get permission to go to the loo.

      Yes, Ikea is an adventure in itself.


  4. Oh Ikea! It will tantalize and torment in the same visit! The meatballs are off the menu here as the Ikea restaurants are all to be removed in Australia. I assumed it was a worldwide trend, but maybe not. The restaurants were always so popular but since Covid have been closed.
    I laughed when I thought of your poor aching muscles the day after hydro pilates. Pilates is tough! Even in the water.
    Our uber virginal experience happened to be the night of New Year’s eve. We had two drivers cancel on us leaving us nonplussed about using it again. (Our journey was short and probs not worth their while).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I confess, I was a little anxious we would be stranded at the restaurant because I cannot walk far … As for meatballs … it’s the only way to bribe my husband to set foot in IKEA. I wonder why they closed the restaurant where you are.


  5. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like it was a great evening out. And congratulations on have a couple of your stories published. I’m not too sure about the entire Ikea experience – I try avoid them… Hope your weekend is going well and that you have a great week!Glad you made it to the coffee share since I didn’t see the smile post.


  6. The cover for Halloween Tales is eye-catching.

    I haven’t done Pilates in a while, but I enjoyed it when I did. What is Hidro Pilates? I started doing Piyo workouts and really enjoy them.

    Congrats on signing up for NaNoWriMo. I signed up this year. I have participated since 2016.

    Thanks for the virtual coffee.

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    1. Thanks, Sparkle. One of WF’s forum members designs book covers … so we were lucky to have our own in-house designer. Hidro pilates is basically … as far as I understand pilates in the pool. Thursday was our first class and it was a bit of a mystery LoL

      Congrats on completing NaNo so many times … me this will be my third. We will see!

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  7. Happy Anniversary!!! I love Ikea, my husband doesn’t!! They are the best place for cheap house plants. I have never tried their meatballs, they don’t appeal to me in the least.

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  8. Happy anniversary! The marina view is lovely. IKEA can be frustrating but I still somehow love going there! Regarding the meatballs, one of our Italian friends had visited IKEA in Pescara and tried the meatballs – he said it was the worst he’d ever eaten!!! 😀

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  9. Happy anniversary and congratulations on your writing achievements! Also welcome to my weekly Weekend Coffee Share blog linkup and thank you for your contribution. There are several writers and published authors who join the linkup so I hope you find your tribe or just enjoy the blogging connections. Have a wonderful weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

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