Weekly Smile: Sunblock and Socializing

I have two smiles to share this week We all have embarrassing moments, but this one was a cracker and made the sales assistant and I laugh. And we ALL need a reason to laugh right now. Uriage sunblock stick A couple of weeks ago I went to the pharmacy to buy a sunblock stick... Continue Reading →

Weekly Smile: Still Smiling

It can be tough finding a smile when you are 'shielding' locked away from the world. That said when you focus on the positives in life they can far outweigh the negatives as you learn to adapt, develop new skills and appreciate things that a year ago would have passed unnoticed. So I've several smiles... Continue Reading →

The Weekly Smile

I was sorting through some old photographs this week when I came across this picture of a sign posted outside an Italian restaurant. It reminds me or the daily conversation we have in our house before I've barely opened my eyes, and I'm still considering breakfast: 'What's for dinner today?' 'I don't know'. 'Will it... Continue Reading →

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