Weekly Smile: Rain Glorious Rain!

We spent the week dodging heavy rain and admiring rainbows. Socially-distanced meetups with friends were canceled and then rearranged at the last minute when the sun dodged the clouds and made a brief appearance.

Water butts brimmed to overflowing and the long-awaited rain sounded like music to my ears as it drummed on the roof and gurgled in the gutters. Thunder growled for days and lightning illuminated slate grey skies as we cozied up in front of the log fire.

The rain made me smile as I watched my drought-stricken plants rehydrate and their sickly yellowing leaves turn to vibrant green. Tap water is full of chemicals so rain is like serving up good wine after being forced to drink cheap plonk.

I also smiled after I rescued an abandoned heavy wrought iron umbrella stand dumped at our local rubbish bins. A rub down and a lick of black paint it will be upcycled to a display stand for a plant. A plant I have yet to buy – so an excuse to visit a garden centre. I am a plantaholic.

What has made you smile this week?

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7 thoughts on “Weekly Smile: Rain Glorious Rain!

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  1. Drought ending rain is always welcome, even when we grumble about it 🙂 Glad your plants got a nice drink of cloud fresh water! And that you got a new project for upcycling.


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