Nêspera (Loquat) Jam

If you’re harvesting nêspera fruit (otherwise known as Loquat or medlar fruit) about now you may want to try this simple nêspera jam recipe. And I mean it’s simple… as in “easie peasie” simple!

Delicious Nespera Jam
Delicious Nespera Jam

This April our little nêspera tree rewarded us with a bumper harvest of fruit, so rather than make yet another batch of chutney I decided to try jam. Now, you would think a jam recipe would be relatively easy to find on the net but no, Mr. Google in his wisdom insisted on returning results for jelly. I didn’t want pigging jelly Mr. G, I wanted jam!

Having had a few jam disasters in the past I was about to admit defeat when a friend came up trumps with an easy recipe. And I mean easy… as in easy peasy, easy!

Nêsperas (peeled with stones removed)
Brown sugar (same weight as flesh of fruit) In this case 1.4lb
Juice of one lemon

Add the ingredients to a heavy base pan and simmer for about 1 1/2-2hrs until the liquid reduces and the texture is more gooey (piglet’s technical term) than watery.

In the meantime sterilize the jars in a hot oven (150C) for ten minutes. Hot Tip: don’t put lids with rubber seals in the oven. The rubber melts rendering the lids useless!

Once the jam is cooked spoon while still warm into the jars and then seal.


Nêsperas taste almost like a peach crossed with an apricot.

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19 thoughts on “Nêspera (Loquat) Jam

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  1. We have 2 Loquot trees in our garden, I give loads of fruit away to some friends that love it. Sometimes I make jam with them too, and apart from adding some cinnamon sticks, the recipe is basically the same as yours. I thinks ours give fruit around September.


  2. recipe looks great you say brown sugar could you plse tell me the name of the brown sugar i find it difficult to find brown sugar in portimao,


    1. Hiya, Elie,
      I buy soft brown sugar from Lidls or Aldi. It’s more beige than brown and caster sugar in texture. It comes in a polybags so it’s easy to identify. I don’t know the name, sorry, as I used the only bag I had in the cupboard for the jam…! I also use the same sugar for flapjacks. Most supermarkets sell it. 🙂


  3. Hi Piglet,
    Have always wondered what to do with them! Do you wait until they are overripe or do you use them just ripe. Going back down to Lagos on 14th May so hope there are some left on the trees so that I can try our recipe.


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