Nêspera (Loquat) Jam

If you're harvesting nêspera fruit (otherwise known as Loquat or medlar fruit) about now you may want to try this simple nêspera jam recipe. And I mean it's simple... as in "easie peasie" simple! This April our little nêspera tree rewarded us with a bumper harvest of fruit, so rather than make yet another batch... Continue Reading →


Piglet’s Favourite Piccalilli – “Foodie Friday” Recipe Challenge

This recipe was featured in my first monthly column at Expat Focus Piglet in Portugal: Missing Food From Back Home - Is It Just Me? There are many foods I miss from home including Paxo stuffing, Teabags, Cadbury Cream Eggs, Mincepies, English Christmas cake, English mustard, Horseradish, Piccalilli and Baked Beans to name a few.... Continue Reading →

Mr Piglet’s Pickled Onions!

Elusive pickling onions September is the month Hubby normally pickles his onions! For the uninitiated pickled onions are small onions preserved in vinegar and spices and usually accompany: cheese; turkey or beef sandwiches; fish and chips etc. A strange combination, but trust me absolutely delicious! In the UK it was so easy to just pop... Continue Reading →

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