Weekly Smile: Mobility!

Over the last few weeks, my mobility after a total knee replacement operation eight weeks ago has plateaued. Despite physical therapy twice a week and plenty of home exercise my knee bend has not improved beyond 90 degrees. Yes, I managed to dispense with one crutch but the lack of muscle around my knee means that I still need additional support.

My daily steps (using Fitbit) only totaled an average of 500 on a good day which amounted to 6 laps around the outside of the house. Using the static bike was also out of the question due to my lack of knee bend.

So you can imagine my delight when I went to physio this week and managed to bend my knee enough to pedal the static bike for ten minutes. AND I upped my daily step average to 1500.

A very big smile from ME and my physical therapist this week. We are finally making progress.

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In the midst of all the doom and gloom what has made you smile this week?

11 thoughts on “Weekly Smile: Mobility!

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  1. Wonderful ! And the only way to get that muscle around the knee back IS to exercise ! Now I have had to put up with developing peripheral neuropathy in my legs for over ten years – so, babe, I know what you are talking about ! If I am around the house – one stick . . . if going far out, two for safety ! It;s OK ! Full time working, studying and social work on the computer I get about 3000 steps or less a day . . . not enough !
    Look – the main thing ts to be AWARE and keep on trying ! I plain refuse to do the ‘nice’ sedentary things in my life until I have finished at least the minimum required to PROGRESS ! By no means do I mean to be a BB, but try to weigh a wee less every month . . . it will make a difference . . . .best and bestest . . .

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    1. I’ve never heard of peripheral neuropathy so I looked it up. Goodness, Eha, it must be quite a challenge. I do try and remain focused and set myself daily/weekly targets on my new fitbit. I do have to be careful with the tendinitus – it controls everything. Too much and a flare up could last months. I know, the last flare up lasted seven monts. As for weight, I’ve now lost 9kg five of which on the KEto. but again i’ve hit a wall. BUT, I know i can’t return to eating processed carbs (bread, cakes, pasta). I suppose I wil just have to stay focused and be patient until I can burn more calories.

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      1. Shall we ever not use ‘It is as it is’ after this year šŸ™‚ ? A lot of ‘bad things’ have happened in my life . . . I just accept and live with them ! And so relish all the beautiful ones !!!! What a wonderful feeling to conquer situations people believe one cannot ! I survived breast cancer over a dozen years ago, no glands on my right side . . . so was worried and perturbed to get huge lymphoedema and tendinitis in my right arm and armpit for close on three months and totally unexpectedly earlier this year at a time of total lockdown . . . my armpit etc being a couple of footballs large ! Made my cooking simpler and largely forgot there was something called ‘housework’ . . . but never missed a day of work or university exams ! Carole . . . you CAN do it . . . you are well on the way . . . enjoy your garden !!!! And 100 steps more on a weekly basis !!!!


  2. Very cool that you were able to get over that plateau and continue your improvement! I’m sure your entire body felt better after 10 minutes on the static bike – I know i feel awful if i can’t exercise enough for just a few days. Hope it continues to gets even better.

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