Weekly Smile: What a Wonderful Surprise

I’ve not participated in Trent’s Weekly Smile for some time but today when the notification popped up in my inbox, I thought why not? We are all living through so much doom and gloom thanks to not only COVID but political shenanigans and demonstrations etc, I think it’s time to look outwards at the positives in our life and not inwards at the stress.

On Friday I went for an MRI scan and Xrays to move to the next stage for my knee replacement surgery. Hubby knew I was anxious so while I was in the hospital (he could not stay with me because of COVID) he decided to surprise me and buy the all-weather garden rocking chair I’d admired the week before.

When he collected me from the hospital my stress immediately evaporated when I saw the rocking chair in the back of the car!

All weather plastic garden rocking chair
Plastic garden rocking chair

What’s made you smile recently?

7 thoughts on “Weekly Smile: What a Wonderful Surprise

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  1. Good luck with the upcoming knee replacement op.
    That rocking chair looks quite comfy to sit and enjoy the garden. You’ve got a good husband who knows how to make you happy.

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  2. Very nice of him πŸ™‚ Yeah, “routine” hospital visits are a little scarier by yourself, and the idea of knew replacement sounds very scary to me.Glad you have a comfortable place to sit outside πŸ˜‰ have a great week!

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