Weekly Smile: Sunblock and Socializing

I have two smiles to share this week

We all have embarrassing moments, but this one was a cracker and made the sales assistant and I laugh. And we ALL need a reason to laugh right now.

Uriage sunblock stick
Uriage sunblock stick

A couple of weeks ago I went to the pharmacy to buy a sunblock stick to protect the scar on my knee. Apparently, you should not expose a scar to UV rays for at least a year otherwise it will turn the scar brown. … Anyways, after a painful explanation in my best pigeon Portuguese, the assistant recommended a stick of Uriage sunblock which resembled an oversized lipstick.

Once home I donned my shorts in the hope I would persuade my lily-white legs to turn a darker shade of pale. I removed the lid from the sun stick and twisted the knob at the base (like a lipstick) to release the product. Nope, it would not move up the tube. Hubby took a look, no luck.

Luckily, I’d kept the bag and receipt so last week I took it back and explained to the sales assistant it was broken. My Portuguese on this occasion was more pigeon than Portuguese with English and a smattering of French thrown in for good measure along with an oscar-winning impression of my attempt to release the stick.

The sales assistant looked perplexed as took the stick. She removed the top then a small clearish protective cap. (pictured above)

She smiled. ‘Try it now’, she said in perfect English. ‘Don’t worry, you are not the only person to have this problem.’

Hmmmm … well that was a senior and blond moment. Beam me up Scottie!

The second smile saw us come out of lockdown and for the first time in many months we were permitted to have two friends in the garden for a socially distanced drink. Fortunately, it was a warm still evening so perfect for outside entertaining. The only downside – the mosquitoes were hungry for new blood. Not to be beaten we declared war, erected the mosquito lamp and gave mosquito repellent to our guests. Normally we would retreat inside at dusk but this is against the rules.

The ‘NEW’ Normal has taught us to improvise and make the most of life.

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Weekly Smile
Weekly Smile

5 thoughts on “Weekly Smile: Sunblock and Socializing

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  1. lol, I think we’ve all done things like that, though maybe not with the language issue thrown in – at least you attempted her language and I’m sure she got a smile out of it, though most likely at your expense 😉
    Nice that you could have friends over, mosquitos be damned…

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