Weekly Smile: Christmas Lights and Roses

This week we have had glorious sunshine so I’ve chillaxed by pottering/working in the garden, mosaicing and writing poetry.

On Friday evening we ventured into Lagos to see the Christmas lights, which was great as for several years austerity measures meant there was no money for street decorations. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera so the pictures, via of my mobile phone, were blurred. Never mind, it felt good to soak up the Christmas ambience and festive spirit as we wandered the streets.

My biggest and widest smile this week is thanks to my Abracadabra rose which I bought in July. It is the only rose I possess and it did not get off to a good start in its new home. Poor thing has really struggled to acclimatize to our coastal microclimate of high humidity and salt air. However, I’ve persevered, cajoled and consoled and its responded with a second flush of wonderful blooms despite another attack of white mold.

Abracadabra rose-
Abracadabra rose-

Another smile came after I sprayed the rose leaves with neat milk… WoW! (dare i say) it worked and the white mold disappeared! The white flakes on the leaves in the picture are dried milk, not mold. So far so good, and I can now enjoy the wonderful blooms with their heavenly fragrance and the slight whiff of sour milk.

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    1. I don’t know what is normal for roses because I’ve never grown them here or in the UK. Temperatures here are upto 20C during the day and so far only down to 6C at night. Having said tht there is a gale blowing at the moment and torrential rain. We’ve had calm hot sunny weather for the last two weeks. It will be interesting to see if it’s okay when i take a look later. I may just pick all the blooms except one and bring them indoors.

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