Weekly Smile: Still Smiling

It can be tough finding a smile when you are ‘shielding’ locked away from the world. That said when you focus on the positives in life they can far outweigh the negatives as you learn to adapt, develop new skills and appreciate things that a year ago would have passed unnoticed. So I’ve several smiles and a happy dance to share this week.

New website: After nearly eighteen months in the planning, we were finally allowed backstage to test our new website. Okay, it’s still in the development stage and won’t go live for some time, but I’m so excited a *happy dance* is in progress. Not only is the forum software more responsive and user-friendly the new blog plugin is amazing!

Wild Wednesday: In the last COVID lockdown (March 2019) a longtime acquaintance gave me a book, so I could identify wildflowers in our local area.

Despite restricted mobility due to knee issues which culminated in a total knee replacement operation last August, the challenge of locating and then taking passable photographs proved rewarding. The hidden benefit of observing life at a snail’s pace is that you have time to actually view the countryside with fresh eyes. The same eyes that failed enjoy nature as I strode at speed towards the horizon only a few years ago.

Some of the wildflowers are so small it’s hardly surprising I failed to notice. Last week I discovered the Wild Wednesday – Narcissus bulbocodium L – Hoop Petticoat Daffodil .

Weight Loss: I hit a new milestone over the last week. I’ve now lost a further 2lbs in weight which means the total weight loss is over 26lb since April last year. Okay, it’s not a huge amount but given my lack of mobility, two lockdowns and the strain on my mental health, I feel positive. It’s difficult not to binge eat when you feel isolated from family, stressed and anxious.

COVID has presented all of us with many challenges both physically and mentally so focusing on smiles gives us a real boost in these dark times.

Do find some smiles and join the Weekly Smile over at Trent’s Blog


18 thoughts on “Weekly Smile: Still Smiling

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  1. Great news, PiP. You must feel so pleased with yourself. It does us good to slow down and notice our surroundings. Well done with the weight loss. Whilst you are locked down in Portugal, my son and his wife in New Jersey are planning a return trip to your beautiful country as soon as they’re able to travel again.


  2. Hello, I’m visiting from The Weekly Smile. Congratulations on the weight loss! How nice that you live in Portugal. I visited Lisbon and the Algarve a few years ago and really liked the country. It’s fun to try to identify local flora and fauna. Your book would be a good help. #WeeklySmile

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  3. Congrats on the weight loss! A remarkable achievement when combined with the pandemic and knee surgery. Also, I was struck by your comment on how much we miss by speeding through life. Absolutely! Guilty as charged, even though I am home all day, every day. May I repost “Weekly Smile: Still Smiling” on my Friday Favorites post?

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    1. Yes, you can repost, thank you. Covid has taught me a lot about life and you also quickly discover who your true friends are.

      I am chuffed with the weight loss. It’s down to a combo of KEto and low carb but with cheats. IF I have a bad couple of days I cut right back so I don’t gain weight.


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