Six on Saturday: Seeds, Salads, Plot and Plans

This week’s flown by. The seed order I placed two weeks ago finally arrived on Thursday. All 45 packets of them! The packing list just a glorified till roll receipt presented a challenge in patience as I tried to translate Portuguese to English and then cross-check against my friends’ orders, calculate who ordered what and the price. Don’t you just hate checking and rechecking an order until you’re cross-eyed with confusion only to discover a pack of seeds missing?

We also started a new project (see raised veg garden) to keep our spirits up while we are still in lockdown.

And the Prestbye cat deterrants are now winging their way back to Amazon. Even though only one is broken we had to return both. I am NOT happy.

1. Seeds Glorious Seeds – Sowing

A busy week planting seeds!

Tomatoes – Minibel – planted in seed pots in the cloche. Hopefully these will grow incontainers on our front terrace

Aubergines (Beringela) – Violeta Longa – planted in seed pots in the cloche. These will evenutally be one of the first residents in the new raised beds.

Curly Parsley (Salsa-Persil) Grune Perle – I’ve never managed to persuade English parsley seeds to germinate. We will see if I have any better luck with these. Eventually, these will be transferred to pots near the house. I’ve yet to decide if they like full sun or part shade.

Peppers (pimento) Corno di Toro Mix – A mix of red green and yellow peppers. Another possible resident for the new raised beds.

Beetroot (betteraba) – Hullahup. Fascinated by a TV celebrity chef using coloured beetroot in one of his salads, I was sold. A must grow. I planted a few of these directly in the ground and covered with an old fridge tray to prevent the birds and cats digging. If these grow, I will save space and plant another crop in early June and then another in early September to see us through the winter.

2. Raised Vegetable Bed

Much to my surprise Gnome suggested he built another two raised vegetable beds to replace the mismatch of containers and pots. I/We decided to utilise the area in the corner and at the back of the existing bed.

The location did present a slight problem. Due to the invasive roots from the adjoining Maleluca hedge, the plastic liner could not rest directly on the soil. We needed a base. We finally decided to use clay bricks, covered with a layer of thick plastic.

Base for raised vegetable area

Gnome raided his wood stash

Marking out wood panels for raised vegetable bed

Built a frame

Frame for raised vegetable bed

To be continued …

3. Tomato Experiment

Last summer our Portuguese friend used to source a lot of produce from a local farmer. The tomatoes were so sweet and more-ish, I decided to save some seeds and attempt to grow my own this year. I saved seeds on to kitchen paper and let them dry out. fingers crossed they will grow.

4. Lettuce

My plan this year is to maintain a steady crop of lettuce throughout the year. So far if I can nurture beyond the seedling stage it seems the one veg (dare I say) I can grow without too much trouble. Usually I buy seed plugs but this year I am determined to grow my own.

These are the variety I planted on February 2nd. I sowed both varieties but only one grew. It will be interesting to see which.

Alface - variety Lollo

This week I transplanted the seedlings into indiviudal pots

Lollo Rosso Lettuce Seedlings
Lollo Rosso Seedlings - Feb

5. Potatoes in Progress

These were the potaotoes Gnome planted at the end of January

Growing potatoes in pots
Growing potatoes in pots

They are now over the top of the pot. the biggest challenge is deciding how much water to give them. Although we’ve had a lot of rain they are tucked right in against the hedge.

6. Seeds in Progress

Spinach (Espinafre) Winter Giant. I am not sure this is aptly named. I have now planted two batches on on the 1st February and more on the 16th in good quality compost.

Spinach - Winter Giant seedling

Garlic planted at the end of December

Garlic planted 19-1-2021

Carrots planted at the beginning of February

Carrot seedlings growing in a pot

Leeks planted in as seedling plugs at the beginning of December. I also poked in some spare garlic cloves.

Leeks and garlic growing in a pot

That’s it for this week. Now off to line the raised vegetable garden and plants some more seeds.

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28 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Seeds, Salads, Plot and Plans

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    1. I have seen these types of peppers in the supermarkets but not offered as seeds. I am not happy they are mixed as I don’t really like green peppers (too bitter). Do you keep the seeds. I was hoping to save some yellow and red for next year.

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  1. What a great selection of veg, and a nice new raised bed in the making to put them into. That’s an interesting technique with the seeds dried onto kitchen paper, then just plant the paper, nice. I have just sowed some lovely Portuguese beef tomato seeds.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am not sure about the technique, it was an accident. I needed somewhere to dry out the seeds and keep them safe at the same time. I meant to remove them but completely forgot about them until I found the tissue on top of an old box in the garage.

      I LOVE Portuguese Rosa tomatoes (beef ) I used to buy the seedling plugs from the monthly market but since COVID i have been forced to grow almost everything from seed.


  2. When I grow tomatoes from seed, I am surprised by how similar they are to the parents. I do not actually ‘sow’ them. They grow from tomatoes that were left out in the garden after frost last year. Some are true to type, but most are the sort that I would expect to be genetically unstable. I suspect that they are different in ways that I can not detect. (I can not taste very well.)

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  3. Plenty to keep you busy there. I’ve decided to grow my salad bowl lettuce in hanging baskets again. It worked well last year and no slug/snail damage. I wouldn’t attempt it if there was any likelihood of going on holiday in the summer, but while I’m here to water regularly, I might as well.

    I would suggesting giving your potatoes a good watering (a bucket full) once a week, and raising them off the ground so they don’t stand in a puddle.. Does the sun fall on the front of the hedge where the potatoes are?

    I am also trying aubergines for the first time – mine are Long Purple and I’ve sown 2 seeds in three module cells this morning, and put them in the mini-greenhouse for now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hanging baskets – what a good idea. I’ve seen tomatoes grown in baskets but never lettuce.

      Thats a good idea re the potatoes. They are in full sun which is a blessing.

      My aubergines are also long purple – Violeta Longa. LAst year I ordered a variety which were meant to grow in pots but the fruit, while prolific, did not grow very big

      Liked by 1 person

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