Sunday: Hedge Cutters, Blowers and Suckers

All through Saturday the constant revving and whir of hedge cutters from gardeners working at a nearby property drove us mad. However, I am not unreasonable and accept hedges need to be cut and clippings need to be blown into submission and/or sucked. We have a monster Malaleuca hedge which we/aka Gnome manages himself, so we know exactly how long it takes to cut and what is involved. Why was it was taking two fit men so long?

No matter WHERE I went in the house the cacophony of sound assaulted my eardrums. We could not even take refuge at the local beach. Thanks to the current state of emergency and COVID lockdown rules we are not allowed to travel over the weekends unless absolutely necessary. Escaping hedge-cutting in progress, even though it was beginning to impinge on my sanity, is not on the list of exceptions.

The constant noise finally came to a welcome close late afternoon and as I breathed a sigh of relief I poured myself a Rhubarb and Ginger gin and tonic in celebration.

Sunday dawned a beautiful STILL, sunny day and we planned to finish planting seeds and complete a few other minor sundry jobs and enjoy a quiet relaxing day. By ten o’clock we were ready for coffee and had just raised the cup to our lips when the hedge cutter whirred into action and so it continued ALL morning. By lunchtime, I was crawling up the walls with a migraine and I wanted to eat someone alive. Surely the workers would stop for lunch? Nope, they continued working right through lunchtime.

Sunday used to be a day of rest and a chance to recharge but it seems my expectations in today’s world are unreasonable. Ho hum


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  1. I feel the same way about small motor noise. Here in the US, gardeners use blowing machines instead of brooms or rakes to move leaves. The noise is so pervasive. Glad it’s over for you for now!


  2. I would dislike hedge shears less if they were used only on hedges. The so-called ‘gardeners’ here use them on everything within reach. Small trees, bougainvilleas, roses, hibiscus, nandina, . . . EVERYTHING! Almost nothing gets the opportunity to bloom. There is no difference between rhododendrons and privets. Where I lived in town, a young Canary Island pine in a neighboring garden blew over (because the so-called ‘gardeners’ water the lawn way too much). I went out back to find a stake to stand the tree up, but before I returned, the so-called ‘gardeners’ sheared it into a rounded glob of foliage at the end of the horizontal trunk.


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