Wildflowers: Narcissus bulbocodium L – Hoop Petticoat Daffodil

Also known as Hoop Petticoat Daffodil: Narcissus bulbocodium L, Campainhas-do-monte, Cuckos.

Also found this in the wild

Narcissus gaditanus Boiss.
Narcissus gaditanus Boiss or Narcissus jonquilla?.

ETA: It has since been suggested the above flower could be REF: Narcissus jonquilla or Ref: Narcissus gaditanus Boiss. what do you think? I have just been informed: If this is growing on the PNCVSA then it would be highly unlikely to be N.gaditanus as this grows on limestone only. I am unsure what rock we have here.

Ref: Ref: Narcissus bulbocodium

Do you enjoy taking photographs of wildflowers, bugs, birds, snakes and other curiosities found in the wild?

Every Wednesday I will be sharing a photograph of wild flora or fauna in my local area. Who will join me ?


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  1. Oh my; I can not keep track of all those species. I know there are actually only a few, but the names are so frequently changed about. It is one of the few group of species that I am pleased to know only by the genus name; Narcissus.

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