Six on Saturday: Seeds, Pestbye Cat Repellent and more jobs

It has rained at some point every day this week, apart from Friday when the sky was blue and the sun shone with the heat of an English summer. Removing layers of jumpers I stripped down to a t-shirt. Starving mosquitoes, after weeks of rain, lost no opportunity in feasting on my bare arms as I worked in the garden. Note to self: Eat more garlic.

1. Cat Deterrent

The two solar-powered Pestbyte cat deterrents I ordered from Amazon Germany, arrived on Thursday. We planted in (hopefully) a strategic position in the virgin soil. Friday we checked the raised bed but we still had a visitor during the night. We will see. Apparently, it can take up to 30 days to have an effect. IF I can hear it why can’t they?

Pestbye® Twinpack Solar Waterproof Cat Repellent
Pestbye® Twinpack Solar Waterproof Cat Repellent

2. Tomato Plant – A Gift from the Birds (or the chickens)

I was most surprised to discover a tomato plant in flower growing in the area where I had dumped some chicken poop.

3. Potatoes Growing in Pots

We planted our first lot of potatoes on the 16th of January in a VERY large pot. Followed by two more pots two weeks apart.

Once the potatoes have sprouted, I cut them in half, check for blight, cover the open wound with cinnamon powder and leave to ‘heal’ for a few days before planting. An old Portuguese farmer gave me this advice.

We have already covered the potatoes with compost several times and now the leaves are almost level with the top of the pot. In case you are wondering, the sticks are to deter cats and blackbirds

We now have three large pots of spuds planted two weeks apart.

4. Errm …

This is meant to be a tray of watercress. I planted the seeds a couple of weeks ago but the only thing to sprout so far is an assortment of weeds and some self-seeded tomato plants. I am beginning to doubt whether I planted the seeds. Note to self: plant seeds in lines so as they germinate they are easy to differentiate from the weeds.

5. February – Seeds of Hope

I’ve already planted an assortment of seeds but the compost was far too bulky as it included shredded wood chippings and various other organic matter. Realising I was probably wasting my time I had a ‘moment’ so I broke cover from our bunker (we are shielding) and after scoping a couple of places from the outside to assess the number of customers etc., I and managed to source a bag of seed compost from a deserted garden supplies warehouse. Probably not many people venture out in the rain it was empty, so masked up with the additional protection of a visor I procured a large bag of seed and a couple of bags of multi-purpose compost. I will place my seed order from a seed company in Portugal today, for delivery next week and there will be no stopping me. Happy days. It’s just a shame my large plastic cloche disintegrated in the sun a couple of years ago and had to be thrown away. Maybe I should look for one online.

I also need to create a planting plan on an excel spreadsheet.


6. Herb Bed – Project

Last week the ‘job of the week’ was to weed and clean the succulent bed at the side of the house. It proved quite a challenge as it has rained at some point every day, except Friday. My Gnome kindly did most of the grunt work as I can’t kneel down or stretch and balance on rocks.

Gnome also turned the compost heap so another job unexpectectaly completed from my ‘To Do’ list

My project for next week and one that is long overdue to is to revamp the herb bed.

and untangle the chives from the weeds and replant.

That’s it for this Saturday. If you are interested in gardening and would like to read more Six on Saturday posts from gardening enthusiasts over the world, check out the Propagators Gardening Blog.

Is anyone interested in photgraphing wild flowers etc. Why not join me for WildWednesday

17 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Seeds, Pestbye Cat Repellent and more jobs

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  1. I will bet that the tomato plant that is growing in the chicken poop is going to produce some tasty fruit! It is good to see that your potatoes are doing so well in pots. We grew ours in pots and had a good harvest. Your succulent bed is looking good, and good luck with the revamp of the herbs!


  2. Our garden also has networks os sticks to keep next door’s cats off the garden, especially where things are newly planted or dug over. I shall be very interested to know how the repellent works as we really do get fed up!
    We too have had copious amounts of rain – and wind and low temperatures so we are holding off sowing any seeds just yet. It’s too horrid to go out anyway!
    Have a good week and stay safe. 🙂


  3. I still did not grow potatoes last year. Things got crazy. Besides, we can find so many potatoes in the compost pile. They come from the vegetative trash from the big cafeteria like kitchens, and grow through the year, even as more debris gets dumped on top. They are reliable, but it would be fun to actually select the cultivars that we would like to grow.


  4. Interesting advice on potatoes from your Portuguese farmer. Is the idea that you can see blight if you cut them in half? And the cinnamon helps to heal the cut? Anti-bacterial / anti-fungal action maybe?

    I do like a herb garden project, am sure the herbs will do well in that raised bed and in the climate.


  5. Great to see your garden growing so well three months before we begin ours! I realized as you were talking about an excel spread sheet that I have not thought of recording my vegetable plot rotations on the computer! I find this very funny, no inkling, not one! Then I don’t have to find the half sheets of paper that show me where the beans were last year. Thanks for the aha moment!


    1. I wish we had some space for potatoes to grow in the ground. They are better if ignored. When digging out an old pot of earth from last year, I found a couuple of perfect potatoes. Seeds are full of promise until I try to grow them. Lol

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Oh heck – I hope the cat repellent works. I had to crank the sonic up on mine. I’m sure the info that came with mine said you could send it back for a refund if you weren’t impressed (I’m not sure how many days you had or how easy it is restrictions-wise over there to return things). The herb bed is looking good.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think it is working. We just need to turn the sensitivity as the blue light is going on and off all night. So probably branches or just the wind rather than cats. But we have two. So may move one. We have at least discovered, from the security cameras the cat’s point of entry and exit.

      The return period is 30 days. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I didn’t know this cat repellant but it seems effective. I went to see the reviews on Amazon France and people are generally satisfied, but cats shouldn’t get used to the sound. I hope you will keep us posted.
    Didn’t you tell me you wanted Traveler’s Tomato Seeds? Let me know.

    Liked by 1 person

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