Garden Diary: Carrots, Courgettes and Cucumbers – Tomatoes and Runner Beans

It's been a long week and as I watch the cases of COVID-19 rise across the Algarve, I've now accepted we are likely to remain in lockdown until the end of the summer. To help me stay focussed I have moved from panic into survival mode and have decided that instead of growing the usual... Continue Reading →

Garden Diary: February – Salad Crop, Potatoes, Confusion and a Rant Alert

While we've been enjoying beautiful weather we have followed storm Denis, which is ravaging parts of the UK, with horror. It certainly helps to put life into perspective when you see the devastation it has left in its wake. My thoughts are with you. This week's SOS focusses on the progress of my little horta... Continue Reading →

Garden Diary: January – Weeds, Seeds and My Garden Gnome

My garden Gnome worked his magic in the garden this week while I've been busy plotting, planning and repotting. I seek sanctuary and some degree of sanity from my garden endeavours as the craziness of Brexit comes to pass and Britain embraces the next phase of its history. 1. Raised Vegetable Bed My garden gnome... Continue Reading →

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