Garden Diary: Six Seating Areas to Enjoy

My six for this Saturday focuses on different seating areas around our garden. Perfect places to catch the early morning sun and enjoy breakfast, to write,  read, sample a Gin and Tonic at the end of the day or just ponder the meaning of life and the COVID crisis. While others enjoyed a heatwave the... Continue Reading →

Garden Diary: Vegetable Update 6th June

Where has this week gone? It seems impossible it's Saturday again! I have been so engrossed in helping my Gnome build our new composter (more on this project in a separate post) that I nearly forgot to post my weekly gardening update. This week we were blessed with heavy rain on Tuesday night which gave... Continue Reading →

Garden Diary: February – Salad Crop, Potatoes, Confusion and a Rant Alert

While we've been enjoying beautiful weather we have followed storm Denis, which is ravaging parts of the UK, with horror. It certainly helps to put life into perspective when you see the devastation it has left in its wake. My thoughts are with you. This week's SOS focusses on the progress of my little horta... Continue Reading →

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