UK Air Bridge to Portugal – is it a Bridge too Far?

I am dismayed to learn that Portugal is in negotiations with the UK to agree on an 'air bridge' by the end of June. I may be having a senior moment but why actively encourage British tourists to come to Portugal when we have all worked so hard to protect the health service and spent... Continue Reading →

Wheels for Feet

The day finally dawned when Hubby accepted my disability and the fact that despite nearly one hundred sessions of physio over the past two years to help with reoccurring bouts of tendonitis, numerous sessions of acupuncture to help control the pain, and a meniscus op, he agreed to let me buy a wheelchair so I... Continue Reading →

Fancy a snack? Take part in the Algarve Rota Do Petisco – 2018

The Rota Petisco (Tapas/snack route) starts on the 4th October through to the 4th of November. There are 277 participating establishments along the Algarve. So wherever you are located (from Odeceixe in the west to Odeleite in the east) you have no excuse not to participate. Each establishment will have a set snack + drink... Continue Reading →

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