Wild Wednesday: Acacia longifolia – Mimosa longifolia

Acacia longifolia
Acacia longifolia

REF: Acacia longifolia and Plants for a Future

Another useful reference to identify plants is The Plant List

Do you enjoy taking photographs of wild flowers, bugs, birds, snakes and other curiosities found in the wild?

Why not join my weekly MEME called #WildWednesday. Every Wednesday I will be sharing a photograph of wild flora or fauna in my local area. Who will join me?

How it works: Simply post a photo to your blog with some relevant blurb if possible. Include the words ‘Wild Wednesday’ in the post title and use the hashtag #wildwednesday. Please don’t forget to leave a link to your blog post in the comments below. If you want to link back to my post and share the love and learn together, that would be great, thank you.

Wild Wednesday – Narcissus bulbocodium L – Hoop Petticoat Daffodil

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Wild Wednesday: Bermuda Buttercup

2 thoughts on “Wild Wednesday: Acacia longifolia – Mimosa longifolia

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  1. Awesome . . . but Yuck! I am not certain. I just wrote about silver wattle, which is a majorly aggressive weed here. I do dig the bloom though! It is so colorful and fragrant. (I am one of the few who happen to like the fragrance.) Yet, I would never actually plant it, and must eradicate if from where it moves into our landscapes. Acacia longifolia, which I believe is known as Sydney golden wattle here, is not nearly as invasive, but has the bad reputation that all of the genus share. It is unfortunate. A few Acacias are practical for the climate here, but not at all invasive.


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