The Weekly Smile

I was sorting through some old photographs this week when I came across this picture of a sign posted outside an Italian restaurant. It reminds me or the daily conversation we have in our house before I’ve barely opened my eyes, and I’m still considering breakfast:

‘What’s for dinner today?’

‘I don’t know’.

‘Will it need defrosting?’

It made me smile that we plan dinner before breakfast and these guys wait until lunch!

My BIG smile for this week is the fact I’ve now lost 4kg on my Slimming World diet!

So yes, as a reformed foodie, I now need to plan what we eat and to make sure it does not contain too many syns so I maintain a steady weight loss.

Why ‘The Weekly Smile’?

I was reading ‘Trent’s’ blog and I stumbled across the ‘Weekly Smile‘.  “The Weekly Smile”, is a shared blogging event that anyone can join. What a great idea!

8 thoughts on “The Weekly Smile

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  1. Well done Carole with your weight loss.
    The sign is fabulous and applies to a lot of Portuguese people too.
    I have some Portuguese friends living here in Perth and when we have lunch or dinner with them they are already planning what they will cook the following day.
    There’s also the meme which runs on Wednesday.

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  2. The sign did make me smile. It is funny, when I was a kid my mom had to think that far ahead to pull something out to thaw first thing in the morning. I do sometimes freeze meat and have to thaw it, but I more often shop several times during the week and just leave it in the refrigerator. Cool that you lost 4 kg on your diet. Thanks for the smile 🙂

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