Delicious Low Fat Fish Pie – One Pot Meal

I created this low fat fish pie with the idea that it was a complete meal in one dish. Okay, I may have used every pot in the kitchen to prepare it (Mr. Piglet humour) but at least I had time to wash up and clear away while it was cooking. the recipe is still... Continue Reading →


Piglet’s Porkers Diet Support Group

Are you on, or contemplating going on a diet and need moral support? Do you have a sense of humour and the ability to laugh at yourself?  If so,  I have started a fun FaceBook support group called Piglet's Porkers for like-minded people. This is not a formal group selling a particular diet. Which each... Continue Reading →

Iced Oranges – Piglet’s “Foodie Friday” Recipe Challenge

The weather here in Portugal, over the last few weeks, has been bright and sunny with temperatures up to 20C. The warm weather is an early reminder that my "tractor tyre" midriff currently concealed, but still lurking under the layers of winter clothes, needs urgent attention. Oh no, I need to focus on the dreaded... Continue Reading →

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