Eat Less and Move More…

As I’m in “D” crisis after piling on the pounds, a good friend recommended: I Eat Less and Move More…

However, in my case it has proved to be: Move More and Eat More.

I understand the principle: the more you move the more calories you burn, but you try explaining that to my growling stomach after I’ve dragged it round four miles at a brisk walk. It demands food!

The problem I have is that all the weight I lost last year and all the effort involved to remodel my body shape through dieting, Pilates, swimming, walking and Zumba has all been in vain. After my Mum passed away in January, I had an eating orgy for six months and I became a couch potato. During the winter months the wheels fell off and I hid under tracksuits and baggy clothes; I was in ‘dieting denial’. Now summer has arrived my attire of clingy tops and swimwear emphasize my bulging proportions as I flatly refuse to buy a larger size. I don’t want to wear tops the size of a Marquee but neither do I want to wear tops that are so tight they resemble a condom.

Sigh…I know I need to do something and it’s only something I can do. But what? Wire my jaw or undergo liposuction? No way! So it’s the dreaded “D” word…sigh.

At least I’ve started Pilates again and once I’ve found a new Zumba class with a teacher who does not dance like a gorilla on speed, I should will be cooking on gas.

Anyone else having problems with the dreaded “D” word?

Still, on a positive note:

Fat people are harder to kidnap
Fat people are harder to kidnap

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  1. Check out, you eat great food and all you want, just no sugar, gluten, grains or processed anything. I have lost 12 pounds in less than two months and feel amazing.


  2. Here’s the thing, PIP. What your’re going through is what is supposed to happen, so don’t despair.
    When I was running marathons I consumed a heck of a lot more grub then, than I do now – and weighed a lot less as well.
    I could hardly eat enough!

    Somewhere down the road you will reach the point where what you burn and what you eat will balance out.
    Fuel in – Fuel out.
    Furthermore, you are already burning and your body will continue to burn calories for a while after you have finished your walk.
    And four miles is not to be sniffed at!
    Don’t know how many times a week you are doing this but get it up to around four or five and the weight will start to drop off.
    And if you can jog a bit ( eventually) then so much the better.

    Stick with it. Best of luck!


  3. Piglet we are tracking together…the Hubs and I joined a Gym last week, I have been walking on the treadmill trying to fall in love with working out…and yes it seems as though the more I move the more my stomach is craving…I’m learning to make healthier choices. best of luck to you.


  4. Sadly this rings quite a lot of bells with me. Dieting is a constant concern, normally marked by significant failures. I too have started gyming, and I hope it helps, although a wonky wrist, bought on my too much writing, has meant I can only really use the bicycle and walking machines. still , “every little helps” and I am waiting for that to be proved right in my case


      1. HcG is this fabulous stuff – you can buy the drops at Amazon or at your local health food store. It’s a pregnancy hormone that you take with a limited diet, and you can lose 1 pound a day. Not an appetite suppressant. No side effects.


        1. No side effects? Just that it may reach you to your demise . . . so, who am I: 40 years of ongoing medical training should just help a tiny bit methinks . . .


  5. OK! So you think I do not understand working on the computer long, long hours 7/7!!! Ha!!!!! I am afraid to do it safely it is still that boring food, exercise thingy . . . The word ‘diet’ should be the furthest from you mind . . . but it is a matter of saying’no’ when you well know it should be ‘no’ 🙂 !!!!!

    PS We seem to have ‘wicked vans’ here which have upset a lot of young people especially . . . actually, do not think they are helping worthwhile causes . . .


  6. It’s understandable that you would be hurting after your Mom’s death and eating more.
    Try a Paleo way of eating (they don’t call it diet) and you’ll see results. Last year my husband was diagnosed with “very high” blood sugar and he had high cholesterol for the last 4 or 5 years too, and he started eating the Paleo way and in 2 months lost 9kgs! His sugar and cholesterol are quite normal again! He said it was hard to cut out some of his favourites like rice and bread (I make him almond/flax bread) but he persevered and is glad he did!
    There are loads of good Paleo blogs to guide you. Email me if you want any help.
    Best of luck Carole. xx
    PS – funny caption on that Wicked van!


  7. Yup, I’m struggling too and it doesn’t help that it’s winter here so I am hiding under track pants and baggy tops!
    I have to lose some weight before next summer as I too, refuse to buy bigger sizes. I’ve started going out on daily walks and reducing food portions, so looking out for any suggestions here that might help.


  8. Yep, going through the same thing now. SparkPeople website has been great for me; joined in April. Not losing as quickly as desired, but it’s definitely helping.

    Glad that someone else understands the struggle.


      1. You’re welcome. 5 lbs. so far. Haven’t weighed myself in over a month though (broken scale/dead battery); weighing myself by the end of the week, so hopefully there will be more weight loss.


  9. Don’t be too hard on yourself! Life throws curve balls and sometimes it is just putting one foot in front of another. I struggle with it as well and it can be difficult to stay positive but we’re human.


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