Sexy Toilet Paper – They MUST be Joking!

Every now and again something unexpected makes you stop dead in your tracks. “…errrr…WHAT?” you think as you press your rewind button because you can’t quite believe your eyes. You rub them, shake your head and then take a third look just to make sure. You then burst out laughing.

I experienced one of these “…errr what?” moments early one morning as I entered the ladies toilets in Lisbon Airport. Yes, folks another toilet post. No folks, I do not have a toilet fettish…promise.

With a two-thirty a.m wake-up call, as you can imagine, I was not the brightest button in the box and I felt a rather grumpy, bleary-eyed Piglet (I don’t “do” 4.30am airport checkins with good humour). However, as the fog of sleep gradually cleared I spotted a huge sign painted on the wall in the entrance to the toilets. I stood and looked at the sign in disbelief.

This looks promising!
This looks promising!


Now I’ve never been one to look at the type of magazines and papers discreetly located on the top shelf of newsagent.  One, because I am too short to reach them.  And two, well just because… ๐Ÿ˜ณ

Nevertheless the sign had definitely caught my attention.

Intrigued I entered the inner sanctum of the ladies restroom my imagination now in overdrive!

Toilet paper - SEXY?  come on...
Toilet paper - SEXY? come on...

I really don’t know what I expected to find, but come on it was definitely NOT “SEXY” Toilet paper!

Plus the words were written in English in Portuguese toilets.

What do we love? Why "SEXY" toilet paper!
What do we love? Why "SEXY" toilet paper!

I would hardly put toilet rolls and sexy in the same sentence. Would you?

Always keen to make the most of an “interesting” photo opportunity, I completely forgot my original intention and went in search of Mr. Piglet. I tried to secretly retrieve my camera from the pile of luggage he was guarding with all the enthusiasm of a “pitbull terrier”
My cover blown.
“Don’t ask”
“Errr What?”
He spotted I had the camera and sighed.
“What on earth can you be taking photos of this early in the morning?”
“Don’t ask”
Well I hardly wanted a debate about taking pictures of “Sexy” Toilet paper!

I returned to take my photos, but not before I was subjected to some rather astonished looks from other travellers!

I bet their “..errr..What?” moment was something along the lines of “Why is a piglet taking photographs of sexy toilet roll signs?”

Please share your “..errr..What?” moment

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60 thoughts on “Sexy Toilet Paper – They MUST be Joking!

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  1. Love it. do you know us marketeers get paid a fortune to come up with this sort of stuff? I saw this and thought of Peter Jones’ comment once, about a portable toilet for festivals: ‘you shit in a bag’. sorry still laughing at both. x


  2. I remember the novelty toilet roll you could get with pictures of British politicians on it. All of a sudden it was totally within the realms of possibility that you could “wipe yer arse” with Margaret Thatcher!


  3. No, not sexy!! But great pictures anyway!!

    For the little ones ‘Princess’ birthday I bought some funny toilet paper I saw in an add on the internet. You know how those pictures are small? When it arrived I excitedly showed my to be 5yo thinking it was a collection of little cartoon frog prince pictures – then she pointed out kiss marks on the frogs bottom!!



  4. Loved this and you know what I think? It is great publicity, I mean look at all the comments on their product..hahha it succeeded! Great blog though Carole… loved it. M


  5. Well, didn’t you just made a blog post about it? With 12 comments? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    You see, Renova was just an ordinary brand of ordinary toilet paper. Until someone there got the crazy idea of making BLACK toilet paper. All of a sudden it was all over the place, in trendy bars, in yuppie stores, in all those places where you need to be seen as a glamorous shopper. And after the black toilet paper, came the shocking green, the fuchsia, the outlandish drawings, the witty writings.
    You don’t even need to take a picture of the brand, I just KNOW it is Renova… Clever, isn’t it?


    1. Hi Isabel,

      Yes I agree it is VERY clever, but would it make me buy it…no. My immediate impression is that any add-on to a toilet paper like “sexy” would make it expensive. Austerity bites deep here in Portugal for the everyday person. Is it a Portuguese brand? Austerity toilet paper may catch on better. ie start the day in a cheerful way. A different slogan written on each sheet perhaps.

      Yes, I remember the brand but it gives the impression of a yuppie trendy toilet paper, you are right there!


  6. ๐Ÿ˜† ~rofl~ What an astonishingly amusing advert. What in the world could they have been thinking? lol Sexy toilet paper… what a stupid catch phrase.
    I love that it gave you a laugh in the wee hours of the morning and then you shared it with us. I physically laughed-out-loud when I read this. You are a delight. Thanks so much! ๐Ÿ˜†
    My two posts on my blog of my most recent ‘What’ moments are the bizarre one of the woman flagging us down for a cigarette and the second one was about Grandma’s doves, it was bittersweet. ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. I am not surprised actually. Today marketers use the word “sexy” and “hot” for anything, trying to create a “buzz”. But I just wonder how do they not think that it might actually disappoint and irritate consumers, therefore generating a negative image of their brand in consumers’ mind.


  8. A silly advert no less! Whatยดs sexy about toilet paper?
    I too get funny looks sometimes when photographing strange things! I feel like telling the onlookers ” I have to take photos for my blog”.


    1. Hi Sami,
      Yes a silly advert probably written by a man!
      I am glad it’s not just me! I drive Mr Piglet mad keep taking photos He calls me a Japenese tourist for some reason.
      I usually take odd photos in case they are useful for the photo challenge.


  9. I’m glad you went and got the camera. If you hadn’t, I would have put the whole thing down as a figment of piglet’s over-sleepy imagination. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Their slogan could be I’m too sexy for your butt . . . too sexy for your butt . . . too sexy.


  10. Please explain what is sexy about the paper? Here we use what they call tusa. It is corn on the cob and you let the chicken eat the corn off the cob and then the naked cob is used as toilet paper. Totally natural and recycle able. Very good at cleaning what is supposed to clean albeit a tad scratchy!


    1. Hi Lindsay, so its not the leaves you use, but the spikey bit! I don’t know whether you are joking! that sounds really painful! Can’t wait to get to the letter T in My A-Z for further info. Do you really reuse it? No… you are teasing!


      1. I wasn’t teasing! Well I don’t use tusas but they do in the campos or country villages. Apparently they work better than leaves as they sort of collect everything they need to. Ooops I didn’t mean recycleable I meant biodegradeable lol. No they are not reused!!


  11. I know exactly what you mean! I’ve been just as baffled by those adverts – what on earth?!!! It’s just bonkers, if you ask me and if anything, puts me right off the brand because they’re being so ridiculous. There are some things I’ll never understand and this is one of them. ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Yeah..absolutely bonkers. I needed blinkers when I walked into the restroom area…
      Still it got me blogging about it, so the marketing campaign worked. I won’t buy them; probably too expensive. Lidyls are the best value and in times of Austerity sexy toilet paper is way, WAY down the list LOL ๐Ÿ™‚


  12. Thanks for the grins, PiP. I don’t ‘do’ airports at that hour, either. I’m impressed you found your sense of humour at that hour!


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