Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast…

The theme for this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is Contrast

After my previous post about the white mold attacking my cabbages and the long-term consequences I wanted to post something a little more upbeat to cheer me up. They say inspiration usually comes from the most unexpected sources and when you least expect it. This week I am inspired by Klout who reckon I’m more influential about toilet paper than gardening! Well they are spot on there…

So as a self-appointed toilet inspector with a secret fetish for photographing toilets I did not have to search too long through my photo archives for the following:

This colourful toilet in the Algarve shopping centre in Portugal even has a shelf for your handbag! It is in stark contrast to…

Colourful toilet in Algarve Shopping - Guia, Portugal

Colourful toilet in Algarve Shopping - Guia, Portugal

…this toilet in a swish café in Lyon, where the coffees are almost the price of a meal and the only place for your handbag is round your neck!

Turkish Loo in a swish café in Lyon, France

Turkish Loo in a swish café in Lyon, France

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27 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast…

  1. The first time I encountered those “holes in the floor” toilets was in a camping place in France over 20 years ago. I had the fright of my life, I went back to the tent telling my husband the toilet had been removed! I really had trouble hanging on to the sides…being pregnant as well…
    Nice colourful toilet in the Algarve, with a place for your bag too, that´s unusual.

  2. Like these photos. Great colors and patterns for bathrooms!

  3. I love it! So funny the way Klout picks up on our ‘influential’ topics🙂 Thanks for making me chuckle this morning.

  4. Congratulations on being a toilet expert! And thanks for making me smile early in the morning!

    • Thanks Linds, well I trust you are going to give me a +K in Toilet paper just for a laugh (Klout have already set it up so no points to loose) because I get no +K for my gardening skills! You’ve got to laugh!!!!

  5. Great idea for contrast. I love that you take toilet pictures!

  6. That’s quite the contrast, PiP! 😀

  7. The first and only time I saw one of those “hole in the floor “toilets was in Spain. If I hadn’t been desperate I wouldn’t have used it. But I was and I did and then had to go out and explain to my elderly mother exactly what not to do to to avoid bodily harm! I’m glad this model didn’t get adopted in Portugal.

  8. Have you seen/visited the wonderful sawdust loo set in a cosy sitting room complete with library, maps and pictures at Quinta Stuart near Sao Bras?

  9. Hi Daisy,
    and welcome!
    No, but it sounds worth a visit. Is there an actual pot with sawdust in?

  10. 😆 – trust you to pick those two!!!!

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  13. LOL! I saw a toilet like the bottom one on a roadstop in France and turned around and walked out again.

  14. Love the color scheme in the toilet.🙂

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