The theme for this week's WordPress photo challenge is curve. Initially I was drawn to architectural curves and the many photos I'd taken of archways and bridges. But how boring... so seeking inspiration I looked in the mirror and thought of 'bodily 'curve's' and the sculptures of Karl Heinz Stock displayed in the extensive grounds... Continue Reading →

Health warning – if you’re squeamish look away now!

Waiting to be served at our local butchers for "home-made" beef, and hopefully horse-free, burgers gave us the opportunity to study the array of "unmentionable" delicacies on sale. The dubious identity of which even made Mr. Piglet's toes curl in horror. However, our debate is quickly forgotten when I whip out my camera and start... Continue Reading →

“Organize” a “Queue” you’re having a laugh!

I don’t mind queueing, honestly, providing there are clear rules as to "who" goes in "what" order. Your expectations are then managed accordingly, as you stand and wait. Of course, someone will inevitably try to queue-jump. This is usually a little old Portuguese lady knee-high to a grasshopper, who with head down elbows her way... Continue Reading →

Littlewoods Europe – Wordless Wednesday Competition!

Every Wednesday Littlewoods Europe hold a competition called "Wordless Wednesday". I was speechless when I won their 3rd competition! and when I received my prize this morning I was absolutely delighted. The quality of the bracelet far exceeded my expectations. If you would like to enter the competition further information can be found: Continue Reading →

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