Things that make me smile

Men make me smile in that when they are wrong they rarely admit it, and when they do, it’s your fault they were wrong in the first place!

When I’m right and they are wrong I try hard not to smile and say I told you so.

Now if you are a man reading this you will probably disagree as men believe they are always right.

Men, are women always right? Yes, of course we are and as a man do you sometimes smile secretly and just agree for a quiet life?

There are many things that make me smile which I was going to write about until I had a run in with Mr. Piglet over the dimensions of my planned raised vegetable patch. Why did his interpretation and measurements differ with my drawing? If youโ€™re a man donโ€™t answer that! Never mind it’s sorted now and I will definitely be smiling when it’s finished and I can start planting my first batch of vegetables.

7 thoughts on “Things that make me smile

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  1. And now you’ve made me smile! Even though my man often is right about dimensions and physics and such things as zeros and ones, he doesn’t grasp emotional nuances. Nor does he agonize over things.

    He would indeed differ with me over interpretations and measurements, but now I can smile and think of someone in Portugal.


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