Littlewoods Europe – Wordless Wednesday Competition!

#Wordless Wednesday - Piglet wins the Chunky Bracelet!
#Wordless Wednesday - Piglet wins the Chunky Bracelet!

Every Wednesday Littlewoods Europe hold a competition called “Wordless Wednesday”. I was speechless when I won their 3rd competition! and when I received my prize this morning I was absolutely delighted. The quality of the bracelet far exceeded my expectations.

If you would like to enter the competition further information can be found:
Twitter @LWEurope

Check out their website for some great Christmas present ideas. Delivery to Portugal is just €5

A note of thanks to the delivery driver! We were not at home when we received the call from the delivery driver asking where our house was. However, three telephone calls via their translator, and 20 minutes later, he delivered the package to an agreed location! 10 out of 10 for the drivers tenacity!

Thanks Littlewoods Europe and thanks to the Portuguese delivery system!!

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  1. Hi LW’s,
    At just €5 delivery to Portugal online shopping with Littlewoods Europe is good value! We would spend more than that on petrol travelling to our nearest town. Plus we would not get such a great selection!

    My perfect shopping experience is a glass of wine in one hand and the mouse in the other !

    hmmm and perhaps a mince pie or two 🙂

    Thanks once again for the wonderful bracelet.


  2. Thanks so much for blogging about winning our #Wordless Wednesday competition. It was well deserved. The bracelet looks really beautiful with your watch. Great styling Piglet! Still a few more weeks of winning before our last order date on 10th December so hopefully we’ll get some more entries.
    Have a great Christmas and thanks for supporting the blog and our venture into Europe x


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