Sweet Potato Festival – Festival da Batata-Doce de Aljezur

We went along to the FESTIVAL DA BATATA-DOCE in Aljezur last weekend and it was really enjoyable!

Delicious Sweet Potato Cakes!
Delicious Sweet Potato Cakes!
Organic Sweet Potatoes - Espirito da terra, Rogil
Organic Sweet Potatoes - Espirito da terra, Rogil

Although the event focused on the Sweet Potato (Batata-Doce) there were lots of other stands selling local crafts and food. These included cakes, herbs, liquors, local wine, honey, the famous Monchique Sausage, and of course several different Sweet Potato cakes (Bolos da Batata-Doce) etc Hmmm Delicious!!

We sampled many delicious liquors
We sampled many delicious liquors
Famous Monchique sausage
Famous Monchique sausage
A wonderful selection of cakes made from "Batata Doce"
A wonderful choice of cakes made from "Batata Doce"
Dried fruit and nuts
Dried fruit and nuts
Dried herbs
Dried herbs

There were also various cookery demonstrations presenting recipes using sweet potatoes. I could not understand a word but we sampled one dish, bacalhau with some concoction of sweet potato and various other ingredients. It tasted great, but unfortunately I lost the recipe sheet so I am still none the wiser as to what it was!

Batata-Doce "roots of reddish skin and yellow flesh”
Batata-Doce "roots of reddish skin and yellow flesh”

The municipality claim that the famous “roots of reddish skin and yellow flesh” plus the great taste of the Batata-Doce de Aljezur, is down to the quality of the land, water, clean air and climate along with the agricultural techniques. Further research revealed that the Batata-Doce de Aljezur, is actually a certified regional product (IGP – Indicação Geográfica Protegida)

Caught up in the moment and eager to try some new recipes I bought a whole sack of these potatoes. Hmmm… I hope they freeze well otherwise we will also be eating them for breakfast. Sweet potato and cornflakes I wonder if that’s a first?. Apparently, the sweet potato is extremely versatile and can be baked, boiled or fried and used in either savoury or sweet dishes. The search is now on for some interesting recipes!

Sweet Potato Mash
HELP! I need inspiration please share your favourite recipes…

16 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Festival – Festival da Batata-Doce de Aljezur

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  1. Hi, If you look up Gillian McKieth recipes online, there are some great ones that include sweet potato. If you can’t find them I will gladly send you some. Ignore the veggie aspect, they can be adapted… and they are yummy. M


  2. I will be trying your sweet potato mash soon. I have a few recipes on my blog that you are welcomed to try. Please drop by and try my chili recipe. By the way, I really enjoyed reading your blog and also enjoyed the photographs.


  3. Here’s a recipe I use when I’m serving salmon steaks:

    Sweet potato salad (can be served warm, hot or cold):

    Sweet potatoes
    Lemon juice
    Olive oil

    Cut the sweet potatoes into small cubes, heat a table spoon of oil in a pan and add the sweet potatoes for a few minutes. Then half cover the sweet potatoes with water, add two or three tablespoons of lemon juice, a teaspoon of ginger, paprika and cinnamon, season to taste. Adjust the spices and lemon juice according to your palate. Cook for about 15 minutes until the potatoes are soft enough to eat but not mushy.



  4. Hi,
    Yes, I must find some recipes!

    I’ve been so busy writing cards and trying to buy Christmas presents this week cooking has taken a bit of a back seat.
    I think on balance I prefer savoury to cake recipes using the sweet potatoes. I was looking at a sweet potato desert today at a local restaurant and the green gooey bit in the middle which I assume was sweet potato did not look that appetizing!! 😦

    Belinda, the baked potato sounds good. A nice simple and healthy lunch!



  5. Haven’t got any very exciting recipes to report but we all love sweet potatoes baked in their jackets, served up with sour cream, chives, a sprinkling of cheddar on top, oh and plenty of black pepper. Looking forward to some more recipes though.


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