Flea Markets in the Algarve

Local Flea Market in Portugal
Local Flea Market in Portugal

I only discovered how ‘fun’ flea markets were once we had moved to Portugal. Desperate for more English books some good friends suggested we tried the local flea market. We arrived early and the whole place was a hive of activity with people looking for a bargain and bartering in various different languages. A real multicultural experience! I soon discovered you could virtually buy anything from fresh fruit and veg, local honey, handmade jewelry, plants, English food, books and a whole assortment of bric-à-brac which people no longer required and were selling to make a few euros.

If you are visiting Portugal this is a good opportunity to really rub shoulders with the locals.
You may even pick up a bargain!
A list of Flea Markets in the Algarve can be found at https://pigletinportugal.wordpress.com/markets/

If anyone has details of Flea markets in any other areas of Portugal please let me know and I will also include these.


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  1. I recently went to Lisboa and loved all the treasures that can be found at the flea market. I didn’t see too many books but I’m sure they were there somewhere!
    I love finding used books, especially when I’m living abroad and can’t always just wander into a used book store like I can in California.


      1. Ah ha. Makes sense!
        I wasn’t in Lisboa long enough to know where and in the town I live in Spain, there is a monthly market that has books but I’m usually almost always gone when they have it, plus its really old, or books no one wants. I’m sure you see those everywhere.


    1. Hi LW,
      Also buying Portuguese childrens books is avery good way to learn the language! Especially the picture dictionaries. The Portuguese are fascinated in that I am buying the books for me, to help with the language 🙂


  2. I’m in love with your blog! I traveled to Portugal last year. After my musician husband was on tour there, we extended the tickets to stay for a while and it was delightful. I wrote a post about it on my blog a while back. You have inspired me to keep writing about my travels, thank you! It’s such a great way to revisit the fantastic times…


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