Football, football and even MORE football

'I don't believe it'

Football anyone…do you love it or hate it?

My sum total of football knowledge has been acquired through osmosis. A constant drip of information from the news, hubby, friends and the internet. The World Cup started today, so a whole month of highs and lows. Our social diary will totally revolve around which games are being played by whom and when. Strewth! Total ‘footie’ immersion or should that be submersion? – help I am drowning already!

To while away the time and countdown to a return to semi normal sanity, I have made the ‘footie’ equivalent to the traditional Advent calendar. Just checked there are 31 days of ‘footie fever’, am I sad enough to count the total number of games? – close but not quite.
Having said that by day 20 I will probably be counting the hairs on the palms of my hands!

To add insult to injury of the 31 days of World Cup Fever I will need to endure, I’ve just been out to the car and there are England flags attached to it, waving at me like a Matador’s cloak. How embarrasing! Hopefully, they will blow off in the wind, with a little help from yours truly.

In the words of my hero dear old Victor Meldrew “I don’t believe it”

Maybe a good time to start a new hobby or revisit those now ‘lapsed’ New Years resolutions with fresh vigour. Hmmm where did I put them?

Are you an avid ‘footie’ supporter? If so, are you selective as to which games you watch, or are you a total ‘footie’ addict and will watch any game regardless of who’s playing?

Anyone out there whose home is a ‘Footie Free Zone’?

Please share your thoughts!

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