Pet Peeve: Toilet Signs

I am curious. Why are the women’s toilet signs at Faro Airport reduced to graphics depicting  legs and boobs? When and why did we lose our skirt? For the visually impaired this sign is confusing and ridiculous.

I feel sorry for men, who, taking a half-glance at the sign, could be forgiven for thinking they had entered the mens’ facilities. Indeed, the day I took this photograph several confused, red-faced men were hastily exiting the women’s toilet/restroom which they had entered in error.

Is it just Faro airport using this type of signage or are these signs gaining popularity elsewhere?

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  1. Weird sign indeed 🙂 I saw urinols in women’s toilets in the Philippines but my daughter told me it was for the transsexuals who had not yet changed their bits 🙂

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  2. OH! That is so funny, precisely because public toilets are such an issue here in very liberal and downright crazy Santa Cruz County. A new Starbuck’s in town has separate restrooms for men and women. (It was probably designed in Seattle.) Of course there were protests. Such sexism is not tolerated here. All our restrooms MUST be genderless. Well, because some ladies do not want urinals in genderless restrooms, they are all gone. Aren’t we supposed to be conserving water here? Isn’t it sexist to deprive men of urinals? Shouln’t the little chrome plated boxes for feminine hygiene material be omitted as well? And why to ladies think that they can complain about the seat being left up?!?!?!

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    1. Wow! You also have a Pet Peeve, Tony. To be fair, I don’t like genderless toilets with urinals because they smell awful LoL
      Used a couple of these types of restrooms in FRance and there is nothing worse than walking into a restroom and seeing a man standing there having a pee…. yuck

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      1. Well, a woman using a urinal might be worse.
        Our genderless restrooms are designed for only single occupancy. Large restrooms that serve a crowd are still gendered (so far). It is all so silly to me. I happen to know two people who are transgender, and even they tell me that the transgender crowd is embarrassed by the silliness. They do not want to draw attention themselves. I have no problem sharing a men’s room with a woman who believes she is a man. I really do not need to know about it. I am much more annoyed that society is expected to cater to a few people who want to make an issue of it.


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