Weekly Smile: Thinking Outside the Box

If Piglet can’t waddle on her crutches to her garden workbench at the back of the house, then think outside the box and create a mini work area which she CAN access! And that is precisely what my OH did.

So… sensing my frustration at my lack of contact with the garden, he brought buckets of soil, seed trays, pots, seeds etc to my sitting area, so I could get planting. Connecting with the soil and Mother Earth, is great for reviving a restless gardener’s spirit. Needless to say, I had a huge smile on my face as I embarked on a seed sowing frenzy.

This may seem an odd weekly smile but for those who are also obsessed by gardening will understand.

Want to share your weekly smile? Then hop on over to Trent’s Blog. for a positive outlook on life.




9 thoughts on “Weekly Smile: Thinking Outside the Box

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  1. Good on OH. So glad he helped you with your gardening. His solution was a perfect one. It’s healing to the soul to be able to garden, in any way, especially when you’re physically limited.
    I hope you’re healing well and will be back up and around soon.


  2. I understand completely, when I broke my toe last year, my wonderful husband set me up on the living room floor with all my paints, some small canvases, and tarps, I painted to my hearts content, the only way I could have survived! Aren’t we blessed?!

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