BBQ’d Piglet on Market Day

Market day in Portugal is always an interesting and colourful experience...

Market day in Portugal is always an interesting and colourful experience…

Beginning to feel faint from the intense heat I paused in the shade of a large tree to people-watch. I smiled as tourists, oblivious to the scorching sun and their already lobster-red arms and faces, rummaged enthusiastically through the clothes stalls.

Brightly coloured tie-dye dresses and tops at just two for €15.00 were waved in tourists faces by sellers with eager smiles looking for a sale.

“Good price, you buy, you buy! Quinze eur-rosh. Muita Bonita.”

“Good price, Senhora, good price!”

I am not sure if the tourists eventually bought the clothes as a means of escape, or because they genuinely liked the unusual multi-coloured tie-dyed effect of the material. Either way, as I observed from a distance I was almost tempted to buy one of the fun dresses myself. That is, until I realized, the material was see through and I immediately lost interest. The outline of my posterior is definitely not sexy and would only detract from the dress so I smugly continued to observe proceedings from a safe distance as the tortured tourists parted with their money.

Serves me right for laughing – then the fun began!

My market “experience” continues over at Expat Focus. If you found my experience amusing please like, tweet and leave your comments there.


21 responses to “BBQ’d Piglet on Market Day

  1. I have heard that saying very often at markets ” good price good price ” 🙂


  2. I love open markets…so much fun!


  3. That was certainly an embarrassing experience Carole. I don’t think I ever had a nasty market experience, I just always feel guilty if I don’t buy something at a market!


  4. I don’t like feeling pressured to BUY things . . . but I do love wandering market stalls and people watching.


  5. Although I enjoy shopping in open air markets I do not enjoy haggleing with the vendors…


  6. Open markets in France are also amusing and cultural, to say the least, and I enjoy strolling among the vendors’ stalls and taking in the market ambiance.


  7. I went to Lagos market for the first time last Saturday. It was a great. One vendor found it difficult to understand why I only wanted to buy one bulb of garlic though. I did see a knicker stall and was tempted to stop and take look. After reading about your experience I am so glad I didn’t now. Goodness knows what I may have happened!


    • Mr. Piglet loves Lagos market 🙂 I wondered what would have happened if you’d shown interest in knickers! I meant to look as need some 100% comfy cotton type.
      I’d loved to have seen the vendors face when you asked him to wigh one bulb of garlic LOL 🙂


  8. Oh boy Alte market is just the same, cries of very nice, very nice, cheap and the usual 5 euros, 5 euros, abound but it is enjoyable non the less


  9. Interesting post, PiP. I love markets too, but hate being hassled. It spoils it for me.


  10. I love open markets. They really are a colorful look at the life of the village.


  11. You are funny… and I bet some of those tourists will be in for a “sheer ” surprise! 🙂


  12. I saw some great dresses at our market the other day too – and was tempted, but………

    Poor tourists!!


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