A Simple Way to Propagate Hibiscus


Hibiscus are my favourite plants (shrubs) because they are SO easy to grow and reward me with an abundance of beautiful flowers throughout the year. Unable to grow them in England I was naturally delighted to discover not only did they grow well in the Algarve, but also the amazing different varieties to choose from.

I began experimenting, as to the best method of propagating hibiscus from cuttings, a couple of years ago when the cost of buying plants in Portugal rose significantly. A 100% rise is a great incentive to master the technique of growing your own!

There are several different methods used to propagate shrubby plants, but this one consistently works for me…

Article continues over at my new gardening blog Piglet’s Plot http://pigletsplot.wordpress.com/2012/09/06/how-to-propagate-hibiscus-in-10-easy-steps/

Yellow Hibiscus Flower
Yellow Hibiscus Flower
Hibiscus growing in pot
Hibiscus growing in pot

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  1. Hi, what a coincidence. I have 2 hibiscus plants in my garden – one red and one yellow, too. The red one is like yours and came from my house in the north where it had barely survived for several years, Now it is flourishing and over a metre tall. The yellow one was a birthday present and is also flourishing. I thought they were difficult to propagate, though. Must try it, myself.


  2. The only hibiscus I’ve had was in the UAE where they seem to flourish as well (the climate is very similar to the Algarve but without the occasional frost!), although they always had a lot of blackflies on them. I’ve seen quite a lot here in Singapore too: see my post “Scenes from my Evening Walk”.
    We don’t buy plants from garden centres anymore in Portugal due to the cost and the joy of creating a new plant! Happy gardening, will check out your Gardening Blog too. Cath (ps, hope the HTML worked, apologies if it didn’t, have to work on it)


    1. Hey Cath, your evening walk was wonderful! Sorry for late reply, but we have family holidaying with us at the moment so PC time is limited. Hope you enjoy my new gardening blog, lots to write about but no time at the moment. Pelase stay tuned!


      1. I know the feeling! Normal routine stops when visitors are in town (I speak from many years of experience, not all of it good)! Will look forward to seeing your gardening experiences, I will let you make the mistakes for when I come back to live (and garden) in Portugal! Cath


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