Autumn Courgettes (Zucchini), Tomatoes and Cucumber Experiment

With the escalating price of food, especially fresh fruit and vegetables, I decided to get creative, experiment and attempt to grow some courgettes, plum tomatoes and cucumber through the autumn and winter months - a first! Okay, according to the seed packets I am out of time to plant seeds so I won't hold my... Continue Reading →

SoS: Unusual Garden Plants Which Grow in Portugal

For this Week's SoS (Six on Saturday) I 'dug deep' and selected some of my more unusual specimens. I grow most of my plants in pots as they are easier to manage - especially plants that need to be moved to a more sheltered position in the winter. Thankfully, it's been much cooler this week... Continue Reading →

Garden Diary: February – Salad Crop, Potatoes, Confusion and a Rant Alert

While we've been enjoying beautiful weather we have followed storm Denis, which is ravaging parts of the UK, with horror. It certainly helps to put life into perspective when you see the devastation it has left in its wake. My thoughts are with you. This week's SOS focusses on the progress of my little horta... Continue Reading →

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