It’s Piglet’s Seven Year Blogiversary – Looking Back


I’ve just been notified by WordPress it’s my seven year anniversary. Have I really been blogging that long? My goodness, how time flies! Unfortunately, due to my admin interests at I neglected my blog and lost touch with my blogging buddies for several years. Now I click through my blogroll and most of those listed are either on hiatus or their blog has disappeared. Methinks it’s time to update my blogroll.

Looking back we seemed more of a family then. We interacted more on blog posts and left thoughtful comments and took a genuine interest in other bloggers such as what was growing in the garden, recipes shared, books published and read, life and love, laughter and family. Is blogging the same now?

My first real blogging buddies were (in not particular order)
1. What’s Bugging Me Today a lovely lady who went by the name of ClassyRose. We corresponded every day then in early 2011 she completely disappeared. I’d love to know what happened to her.
2. The RedNeckPrincess. She’s still blogging but you can no longer comment on posts. Donna’s humour is priceless!
3. PassionateAboutPets – Barb’s Blog has disappeared. Barb lives in Australia and regulary left comments on my my blog
4. Dave Farmer. Yay! Dave is still blogging and has now published his Zombie novel, The Range. Congrats, Dave!
5. Spirit Lights The Way. Nancy is still blogging and her posts always make me stop and think.
6. Sarsm – Blogs about life! Great to ee shee is stillactive.
7. Joys of Creating I love EC’s Blog! Full of craft and gardening tips!
8. Granny1947 – Everyday life in South Africa. IT’s good to see Granny is still posting and commenting.
9. Sammy’s Colourful World Sami is Portuguese and moved to Australia. I met up with Sami when she was visiting her family in Portugal. Hopefully we will meet up again at some point. Sami blogs about Aussie life.
10. Local Heart Global Soul Love this blog about life and travel.
11. Seashell by the Seashore – Seashell has not posted for a loooong time.
12. What about your saucepans Lindsey blogs about life in the Dominican Republic
13. Ouch! My Back Hurts – Irish life and humour

There are many, MANY more… these are just a few.

From tiny acorns…

I created PigletinPortugal, thanks to my daughter and her blog Piglet in France. I’d left lots of comments on her blog and when she was over on holiday she showed me how to create my own blog, upload photos and a host of other useful tips. I was a technophobe so it was quite a challenge!

During the seven years I have published 346 posts, received nearly 11,000 comments and 455,677 views from all over the world.

This was my very first post.

Yummy Carrot Cake

My favourite Carrot Cake

Suffering from stage fright I could not think of anything to post so I shared a recipe.

Two of the most controversial posts I made were

Dogs on beaches – please “scoop their poop”

Beaches are not toilets. Please scoop the poop.

Please scoop the poop
Please scoop the poop











Is Bullfighting Wrong?

This post attracted 116 comments and a poll which attracted over 1700 votes.

The iconic silhouette of the Osborne Bull in Spain
The iconic silhouette of the Osborne Bull in Spain












As a new blogger it was a great feeling to see my stats rocket and all the comments I received.

Gazanias in January

Gazania in January
Gazania in January











I can’t seem to find the other post. But I do remember a blogger plagiarised my post complete with all the comments!


A Turkish “Experience” in France which had eighty two comments!

Have you ever used a Turkish Loo?

Turkish Loo experience in France
Hold on for dear life!

Frozen Condoms in France

How do you explain to your daughter’s mother-in-law’s mother who can’t speak English, and my French does not extend to the finer points of condoms, why I am stabbing a frozen condom?

Nurse recommends frozen condom
Nurse recommends frozen condom

Pilates on the Beach

Pilates on the beach is not as ‘Zen’ as it seems especially when you are wearing suncream.

PILATES on the beach is NOT zen
PILATES on the beach is NOT zen

So raises glass to the next seven years!



34 thoughts on “It’s Piglet’s Seven Year Blogiversary – Looking Back

Add yours

  1. Making a return visit to your blog and came across this. Congratulations on 7 years! Of course, I had to then go and read the condom article…… And no, I haven’t used a Turkish toilet but I have used Chinese ones which were similar but filthy and didn’t have a handrail. Gross! Thanks for visiting the Glasgow Gallivanter.

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  2. I’m glad I just found your blog; congrats on 7 years! Yes I agree there’s lots of ‘white noise’ of people reblogging other people & giving out silly ‘awards’… or maybe I’m just a grumpy 50yr old lady! I’ve had my blog bone&silver going for only a couple of years, but kept another one from 2010 onwards… way more off than on now… would love to get my new blog Freshly Pressed one day- I guess that takes confidence too? Looking forward to following you now, cheers gabrielle in Australia 😊

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      1. Hahaha- I’m so glad I found your blog. I want to follow your daughter’s too- we have a big connection with France, as my aunt has owned an old barn there (called the Barn 🙃) since the 80s…

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  3. Congratulations! Seven years is quite a long time, hopefully you will be around for many more to come. Five years ago I started a blog on Catalonia and last year I began the photography blog. I must confess that this last one holds the bigger part of my interest now, so ‘Catalonia’ is resting for a bit. Like you I love sharing experiences and tips with other bloggers, so I hope we will meet frequently commenting each other’s post. See you soon!

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  4. Wow! 7 years – that’s amazing! We’re just babies here in the blogging world, just about 2 months now, and we were so excited when our site almost surpassed our weekly views from last week in just one day today! Lol. We plan on sticking around for the long haul though. Happy anniversary!
    – Christine

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  5. Happy blogday. I remember those early days – the support was fabulous. I still write on but not as often as I used to – sometimes only once a month but it is still going. Plus I am about to publish book number 2!! Looking forward to the next 7 years!


    1. Yep, blogging was a different ball game seven years ago. Now there is so much noise I can barely hear myself think! Have you decided on a title for book #2? It’s seems strange the little street lad you took under your wing is now going to Uni… 🙂

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  6. Wow!! Seven years!!! Congratulations!! Yes, we were a merry bunch! Thank you for the mention. I will never forget how much you helped me with your ‘defeat the garden domination by the evil bamboo’ advice.
    I don’t know what happened to Barb’s blog. She still commented on mine until quite recently… I love Local Heart Global Soul too. And she’s such a lovely blogger.
    I am so glad that you are back. I am all on on and off too. I am teaching a lot and that seems to consume my time.
    Cheers!! To the next seven years PiP!!


  7. Happy blogiversary!

    Blogging is changing mainly because there are now so many of us, but there are still blogging communities out there. I found some wonderful ones via online courses but they slowly disappeared like your blogroll. I’ve found new ones though and they are all part of blogging challenges. So I’ve found some fabulous ones thanks to #MondayWalks and #SixWordSaturday,


    1. Thanks, Becky. The challenges are a good idea as they seem to attract people who are interested in the community aspect of blogging. I’ll check out #MondayWalks and #SixWordSaturday and see if I can participate. I am currently working my way through the ten day poetry challenge and it’s killing me…but there is no community support via those taking part. I think there used to be a gardening challenge. If not perhaps I’ll start one.

      BTW I love your blog and have added it to my blogroll. IT looks so clean compared to mine. What theme did you use?

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      1. Ah yes Jude in Cornwall was running a gardening challenge last year but isn’t at moment. Would love to participate if you did one. MondayWalks is hosted by Restless Jo, and Six Word Saturday is now hosted by Debbie of Travel Intent.

        And thank you so much for your lovely comments and for adding me to your blog roll 🙂 I’ve recently changed my theme, still mulling it over. It’s Nikau.

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          1. Oh I had same problem with the pool – wish they hadn’t changed the training courses as those community groups were so helpful.

            Good luck with exploring themes.

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              1. Me again . . .just thought of another theme you might want to look at. Called ‘Plane’. Anabel of Glasgow Gallivanter is using it, and well worth having a look at.


  8. Congratulations on your 7th blogging anniversary Carole. I’m celebrating my 6th year soon.
    I had to go and read about the “frozen condoms” post that I didn’t know, so I had a good laugh.
    I also have “Passionate about pets” on my blogroll and the last time Barb posted was about 5 months ago, but now the blog name is up for sale.
    I’m going to Portugal at the end of August for our grandson’s baptism, but this year won’t be going to the Algarve area. Just to the area near Coimbra and to Porto, and then before returning to Australia we will go to Marseille to meet up with my daughter’s in-laws.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Sami,
      Six years! At least you have been more active than me 🙂
      Have a good trip when you come over in August and hopefully next time you are in the Algarve we can meet-up.

      We have only been to Porto once and we loved it. Must book another trip early next year. If you know the area I’ll be back on to you looking for ideas of places to visit and good restaurants off the beaten track.


  9. Sincere congratulations and here truly is to the next seven years! When flat-out workday over shall return to your interesting history . . .

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