PET PEEVE: WordPress Block Editor

I have not posted anything to my blog for a while so today I decided to get back in the swing of things and rejoin the Six on Saturday gardening bloggers. I spent ages wobbling around on my crutches to take photographs of my garden. Excited, I logged on to my WordPress account to create... Continue Reading →

WordPress Challenges: Looking Back and Where to from Here?

I have been on blogging hiatus for the last few years because I became involved in a writing forum and ended up running the place. I've now stepped away and returned to blogging only to discover  97% of my old blogging buddies have disappeared. When I started my blog back in May 2010  most of... Continue Reading →

It’s Piglet’s Seven Year Blogiversary – Looking Back

Photocredit: I've just been notified by WordPress it's my seven year anniversary. Have I really been blogging that long? My goodness, how time flies! Unfortunately, due to my admin interests at I neglected my blog and lost touch with my blogging buddies for several years. Now I click through my blogroll and most... Continue Reading →

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