2012 BiB Awards – I’m on the shortlist – YAY!

Today I had a great surprise but I need your help!

Michelle @Michelloui asked me on Twitter if I’d seen the #BiBs?

Thank Goodness for Twitter!
Thank Goodness for Twitter!

“The what?” I thought feeling slightly confused…

Apparently I’ve been shortlisted in the “Go! Award” section in
The 2012 BiB Awards

The BiBs received more than 12,000 nominations over 12 different categories. And I’ve been short listed! Me little Piglet, and I did not even realise this until Michelle sent me a note on Twitter.

Now I need to ask beg a huge favour from all my blogging buddies and subscribers! Please vote for me 🙂

Please vote here

I’m in “Go” category (category 7 number 12)

Please share and tweet if possible please 🙂

Voting ends Monday April 30, 2012 at 17:00 GMT

23 thoughts on “2012 BiB Awards – I’m on the shortlist – YAY!

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  1. Done, PiP. Wow, I’ve never seen so many blogs with the words mommy or mummy (?) in the title. I must have grown too old to blog. But no matter; I only went to the survey monkey to vote for you.


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