I’ve Been Tagged! – Blogger Tag and My Seven Links

I’ve just been tagged by Margaret of Cachando Chile and now I’m “IT!…”Thanks Margaret! Thank goodness for virtual travel – Chile is a long way from Portugal.

I've been tagged!
I've been tagged!

Who made this game up? I have no idea!, but the way it works is a blogger tags you, you match your own posts in specific “Most this” and “Most that” categories, and then you tag another 5 people. I was hesitant at first, however, it has given me a great opportunity to look back and review some old posts. I’ve just realised – I missed my first BlogAversary in May – how time flies!

Here are my “Seven”

Most Beautiful Post

FADO – is like Marmite!

Not sure about the post being beautiful, but we went to a Fado concert and Mariza sung with such passion she moved me to tears. Mariza is a Fado singer in a class of her own and it is the most memorable experience I’ve had since moving to Portugal.

Most Popular Post

In terms of comments my most popular post is:

Proud Grandparents

We are so proud of our daughter; everything she has been through during her pregnancy, the birth and more. Thank you for being such a great daughter you have brought great happiness to our lives as your daughter will yours!

Most Helpful post

Cost of Living in Portugal

Before we decided to make the move to Portugal we spent hours agonizing over the “Cost of Living” and how it compared with such countries as the UK, France and Spain.

A Post whose success surprised me

Gazanias in January.

I was really taken by surprise when this humble post was “Freshly Pressed” I’d never really considered freshly Pressed before, so I was absolutely astounded when I looked at my stats and they’d gone off the scale! I had to refresh the page and clean my glasses to make sure I had not misread the figures.

Most Controversial Post

This is a difficult because several of my posts have been “Controversial” However, the controversial post with the most controversial comments is:

A Turkish “experience” in France

A Post that Didn’t get the Attention I felt it deserved

The Red Palm Weevil – is it out of control?

I felt/feel passionately about the Red Palm Weevil. Very little, if anything, has been implemented to control, dispose of infected trees and of course publicity to prevent the spread of this destructive bug. Even now I see infected trees dumped at the rubbish bins and trees just left to die untreated. Some opportunists, looking to make a “quick buck”, have jumped on the bandwagon by offering to remove infected trees, but at extortionate prices.

Post I’m Most Proud Of

Easy! My very first blog post!

Yummy Carrot Cake… mmm
My daughter PigletinFrance helped me create my blog and taught me how to write and upload my first post “Yummy Carrot Cake… mmm” in May 2010

I’ve just realized my first post was a food post!


I really enjoy bloggin’, especially connecting with other bloggers across the world. Thanks to everyone for being so supportive!

Now I have to tag five bloggers who have to tell their tale of seven. (or six in my case)

In no order of preference we have:

Enjoy Creating (USA)crafts/gardening/cooking/etc – because life is full of creative moments 🙂

Noobcake (UK)Life through the eyes of a Noob

The Redneck Princess (Canada) Recklessly inappropriate, usually unfiltered, and sometimes funny..

Love versus Goliath (Australia) Two people in love against the weight of Bureaucracy

Mirth and Motivation Motivate. Elevate. Laugh. Live Positively…

Sami’s Colourful World
Sami’s Portuguese and blogs about Arts and crafts, travel, her cats and life in Australia. She has only been blogging a couple of months and really needs some support. Please pop across to her blog and take a peep!

I’ve only chosen four blogs from around the world and left the fifth spot for a blogger to volunteer!
Please don’t all rush at once – come on folks don’t be shy form an orderly queue below!

Actually ignore the above deletion – if anyone wants to to be tagged so they can form their own tag team and go forth and multiply links and promote new blogs, please let me know – your tagged and rules are made to be changed!

25 thoughts on “I’ve Been Tagged! – Blogger Tag and My Seven Links

Add yours

  1. Thanks very much Piglet, I´m sure I will now have hundreds of people reading my blog, just because you have mentioned me. My mom keeps telling me I should also blog in Portuguese, so who knows one of these days I will be giving advice to future visitors or expats to Australia. Keep up the lovely posts I really enjoy reading them, you are quite funny xx


  2. Hi Piglet, I would certainly volunteer to be your 5th tag. Being a new blogger (my blog is only a month old) I certainly need all the help I can get! I have been following you for a short time, can´t even remember how I came across your blog, but I love the way you describe life in Portugal, because I am Portuguese but live in Australia – so we are both expatriates. I´m now going to check the other tagged blogs too….so much to read, so little time…


    1. Hi Sami,
      and a warm welcome to my blog here in sunny Portugal! You have now been tagged! I have also subscribed to your blog and will add you to my blogroll! I remember exactly what it is like when I first started blogging – it was really lonely! “Hello is there anyone out there?” I used to think…”here I am come find me!” but nada!


  3. Great idea PiP!
    Didn’t WP ask us to do one sometime ago? This is a great approach and a way to connect with other bloggers as you do it… Again, I’m catching up on blog comments after another long 4 day yoga retreat in Boston… Got back last night to over a thousand emails. Will begin a marathon commenting effort shortly! TY! 🙂 Sorry I missed this opportunity or count me in if still open! 🙂


    1. Hey 737,
      I’m not sure if WordPress made a request; I must have missed it.
      I’ve now added you to my tag team above! Thanks 🙂
      Your comment made me smile re 1000’s of emails. I had limited internet access for a couple of weeks in France as PC’s and internet kept playing up so I know the feeling exactly.

      Thanks for dropping by!



    1. Hi Granny,
      No not too bad! Each one did have a thumbnail photo but I could not get everything to align properly. The post took 30mins as I was also adding some extra tags to the orginal posts, but the photos 2hrs then I gave up!

      Are you putting yourself forward for the fifth victim? 🙂


  4. Thank you for the tag. Like you, I was hesitant at first too, but I agree it is a good way of both reviewing and sharing.

    I am going to do a monster post to pass on the awards I am behind on and the tagging! 🙂


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