It is official I am now SPAM!

Hi folks,

I’m having a few issues with WordPress at the moment which I can’t seem to resolve.

It is official I am now SPAM!
It is official I am now SPAM!

The comments I leave on your blogs are not appearing. To begin with I wondered what on earth was happening – there was not even the “Your comment is awaiting moderation” message. Nada – nothing – Zilch.

I then connected with Ronnie on Twitter as I’d left three comments on her blog Hurtled to 60 and now beyond and nada. She checked her SPAM box and there I was; relegated to SPAM! I was mortified why is poor piglet considered SPAMMY? (It’s not even April Fool’s day)

In desperation I created a topic asking for help on the WordPress forum, this also immediately disappeared and only a “Topic Closed” remained. I tried several times and nothing. I then emailed admin explaining the situation, still no response! Bwah Bwah!

Screenshot of WordPress forum
Screenshot of WordPress forum

I connected with Robyn Love Versus Goliath on Twitter and asked her to make a post on my behalf. Still nothing!

I’m feeling a little disheartened as I don’t know why this has happened or what I can do to resolve it – any ideas please? I’d be really grateful of some techie help…

Or…If you’re as bewildered as I am do you at least have any good “Spam” or “Pig” jokes to cheer me up?

I nearly forgot! Please look out for me in your SPAM box and let me out!

15/12/11 UPDATE: Note from wordpress “If you believe that your comments are being trapped by Akismet and should not be you should contact Akismet support at

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  1. I am pleased to say Akismet replied to my email within a few hours and informed me they’d made a “Few Tweaks” so fingers crossed.

    However, Robyn has just informed me on Twitter that “It seems my (her) blog stopped following your blog too”


  2. PiP.
    Were you logged in or logged out when you left us comments? Have tried commenting when you are logged into your account? Periodically, a glitch causes our comments to get flagged as spam but then it self corrects in a few. My other tip is to clear your cache on your computer… Meaning, go into your internet options via your computer, to your properties, and delete all temp files and browsing history. Clear out your old history and run your virus protection. Then, restart your computer and see what happens. Hope this helps or we’d have to come get you. 😉


  3. Still having any problems? You email notifications for posts do NOT go to my spam folder. Still, it’s not very expensive to host your site using and a web host—have you had any difficulty leaving comments on my site?
    Of course, then you might lose the followers via Tough decision.
    Sympathies. (Can’t comment on your most recent post; haven’t had a drop in 24 years. Moderation must not be in my genes with alcohol.


  4. @ neverending1, if you have good security you will never have pc trouble, but you can never stop a hacker, you likely have let something into your pc, not knowing you did it.

    BTW i can’t get onto your site.


  5. Have you got this figured out, PiP?

    I once had an issue (though it was not about spam) and the tech help on WordPress is pretty quick to reply (they reply in 3 days but that’s better than never) and they reply consistently until your issue has been resolved.


  6. Dear Piglet, let me know if you get this message. I have been having trouble posting comments to you from the beginning. When I hit post it says ‘posting’ but nothing ever appears on your comments area.


    1. Hi Katrina,
      This is because your comments have ended up in SPAM. This now seems to ahve been rectified as this comment appeared OK!. What you describe is happening to me 😦 It’s so frustrating so I can empathize!


  7. Sadly one of your comments was in my spam folder, so I’ve marked your comments as Not Spam. I do know it can take a few days for WP to reply, and even then you may have to wait for another reply etc etc.

    Dribblingpensioner has a sound plan. Worth trying out. The alternative is to set up your own hosted blog as quite a few people do.


    1. Hi Dave, well at least you found my comment 🙂

      Not sure I could cope with a slef hosted blog – can you imagine the problems? REd neck princess wnet self hosted and I had a devil of a job leaving comments on her blog.

      Will try DP’s plan and see how we go


      1. I changes platforms for mine too, is it easier for you with the one I have now? I don’t think you have been spammed on my site, but I get about 200 spams a day, so I don’t even go through them anymore, I just hit delete…let me know if you want to do a test comment on my blog 🙂 probably best to email me @


  8. I re-read the post, if you are classed as a spammer you will never be able to post in the forum or any where else.

    Do as i did , get a new email address, get a new wordpress blog and name it ” PIP’S test blog ” then you will be able to contact wordpress help, BUT, always quote the blog name and email you want help with, it might take a few days but i found them very good.
    You can alway try things out in the test blog as well before using your primary blog.


  9. You ended up in my spam folder too! It was a lovely comment and Miss O 2 had fun answering it AFTER I unspammed it!

    No idea why you are suddenly spam – but don’t worry – WE love you, even if Askimet has its knickers in a knot!


    1. Hi TO,
      thanks for posting a note on the WP forum for me. I was able to leave a message but I can’t find any response. I am glad you rescued my message and hope she will be encouraged to eat broccoli – it’s so good for her.
      I’ve left another today…


  10. Bless your heart.
    I hope you can get this situation resolved soon. I can’t imagine why you got marked as Spam, that doesn’t make sense. Hopefully WP will it get straightened out soon. 🙂


  11. Life is just full of frustrations. You certainly should no longer be SPAM in my inbox anymore. I clicked the botton “Not Spam”.:-) x


  12. I was having some problems..I connected through I hope you get help…its very frustrating. I received your comment…thanks for your support..!!


    1. Just checked your profile picture and all your contact info is there. Seems like it’s just the link on your name which is not working. I’ve just updated my blog roll link for you.

      OK, I’m off to bed now it 00.15 here so will pick up any questions tomorrow. Just let me know if there is anything else I can test. Have you backed up your blog?


  13. I don’t have any insight and I haven’t found you in spam, but I’ve had the most success with e-mailing the helpers at WordPress rather than creating topics. I hope your problem is solved soon.



    1. Hi Lisa,
      OK I’m sure I left a comment on Friday. I will zip across and leave another now. I’m just wondering if my email ended up in their SPAM box
      when I click on your gravatar to follow your link it says your blog is not longer available!


      1. Grrr, that’s my struggle. I’ve changed my e-mail address and my blog address everywhere I can find it, but my gravatar is still not working correctly. My blog is now


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