This post is inspired by the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. This week’s theme is Waiting

Fishermen spend hours fishing from the rocks or shoreline “waiting” to catch a fish.

Waiting patiently for the fish to bite!
Waiting patiently for the fish to bite!

They cast their line into the sea and then wait patiently for the tell-tale signs which signify a fish has taken the bait. As I watch the fishermen I feel although this is a solitary hobby it is one I would really enjoy. If only I could master the basics such as attaching the hooks to the line and casting I would be right there and the solitary figure in the photograph above would be me!

Our son-in-law, who is passionate about fishing, encouraged me to go beach fishing one summer and I loved it.  He tried to persuade me that fishing from the rocks would produce better results, but I’m a real wimp and I quickly declined.  Alone at the water’s edge I cast my line and immediately felt the rhythmic motion of the rod in harmony with the sea.  The sunlight glistening on the water and the constant sound of the waves was almost hypnotic.  As a feeling of peace washed over me I felt at one with nature – what more could one want?

I did catch a small fish that day which I threw back into the ocean.

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  1. Great photo, PiP, and I loved your description of your experience standing with the fishing line, ending with your notation of having thrown back the fish. Sweet. My son-in-law hunts, but he has often told me that he loves the process of being in the woods, being with nature, more than the hunt, itself. Sometimes I wonder why he doesn’t just hang out in the woods. Period.


  2. Hi MC
    “a form of meditation” excellent -that’s the exact term I was looking for.
    I only caught a fish as it was beginners luck at the prawns my SIL as bait were frozen.
    I could stand /sit and stare at the ocean for hours…I would love to paint it, but I’m useless – i’ve tried 😦


  3. An excellent subject for illustrating this week’s theme. I have often watched with envy when I have seen people fishing. It looks more like a form of meditation than a sport. Definately a way to unwind and be at one with the world. I would love to have a go but would hate to use live bait or injure a fish as I am vegetarian.


  4. Nice photo, PiP. When I was a little girl, my father used to sometimes take me “fishing.” It was mostly “waiting” and I wasn’t too good at it! I’d rather walk along that lovely beach or even just sit and watch the waves. I do, however, like to EAT fish!


      1. PiP…The photo is awesome..Lovely description here..your words- rings multitudes to my ears and my heart…looking out to the ocean….feeling the breeze…the freshness in the air…there is nothing like it…. πŸ™‚


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