Iced Oranges – Piglet’s “Foodie Friday” Recipe Challenge

The weather here in Portugal, over the last few weeks, has been bright and sunny with temperatures up to 20C. The warm weather is an early reminder that my “tractor tyre” midriff currently concealed, but still lurking under the layers of winter clothes, needs urgent attention. Oh no, I need to focus on the dreaded “D” word!.

Iced Oranges make a delicious fat-free dessert!
Iced Oranges make a delicious fat-free dessert!
Looking for inspiration I found a great recipe for “Iced Oranges”. Not only is it simple to prepare and absolutely delicious – it is fat-free!


Serves 8
5oz/150g granulated sugar
Juice of 1 lemon
4fl oz/120ml water
14 oranges
8 fresh bay leaves to decorate (or mint if this is more readily available)

1. Put the sugar in a heavy-based saucepan. Add half the lemon juice, then add the water. Cook over a low heat until the sugar has dissolved. Bring to boil and boil for 2-3 minutes until the syrup is clear.

2. Slice the tops off eight of the oranges to make “hats”. Scoop out the flesh of the oranges and reserve. Freeze the empty orange shells and “hats” until needed.

3. Grate the rind of the remaining oranges and add to the syrup. Squeeze the orange juice from the oranges, and from the reserved flesh. There should be 1¼pints/750ml. Squeeze another orange or add bought orange juice, if necessary.

4. Stir the orange juice and remaining lemon juice, with 6 tablespoons/90ml of water into the syrup. Taste, adding more lemon juice or sugar as desired. Pour the mixture into a shallow freezer container and freeze for 3 hours.

5. Turn the orange sorbet mixture into a bowl and whisk thoroughly to break up ice crystals. Freeze for 4 hours more, until firm, but not solid.

6. Pack the mixture into the hollowed-out orange shells, mounding it up, and set the “hats” on top. Freeze until ready to serve. Just before serving, push a skewer into the tops of the “hats” and push in a bay leaf (mint) to decorate.


Recipe taken from “The Fat-Free Cook Book”

I am looking for more fat-free desserts and lunches…any ideas please?


31 thoughts on “Iced Oranges – Piglet’s “Foodie Friday” Recipe Challenge

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  1. Sorry, on a side note:-) The websites owner, his wife, can convert any “normal” dish into sugar free! It’s pretty cool! So if you have something you’re craveing that’s not on their list, ask em!


  2. Well, you did a fabulous job of portraying your Iced Oranges as a sweet vacation to a tropical dream. 😉
    lol Poor Mr. P he sounds like he suffers the same 2nd-hand blog effects as my husband. lol Half the time my poor hubby doesn’t even bother to ask what I’m doing with a camera and props anymore. lol Gotta love our fellows! 😉


  3. Hi EC, when I took the above photo it was blowing a gale and freezing cold.
    Mr Piglet did not twig why we were having an iced sorbet on a cold day until the camera, cloth, and props appeared! He just shook his head…and walked away 🙂 Poor long suffering Mr P!


  4. I love your recipe and photo, it’s so tropical and refreshing. It makes me long for the beach and a vacation listening to the waves. I’ll definitely be trying this recipe out this summer. mmm, sweet! 🙂


  5. Tasty!! Wonder if the same method would work with pineapple or melon. I’ve just been trying to figure what’s missing from your pic. Cream! I reckon I’d have to serve it with a nice dollup of chunky cream, oooh Cornish clotted cream…drool!


    1. Hi Noobcake,
      I’ve had a frozen cocktail in a pineapple before (yeah I know it was a bit “Dell Boy” complete with a cocktail umbrella…) so I cant see why that would not work. Not sure about melon…now as for Cornish clotted cream…hmmmm I’m feeling homesick!
      My favourite is a scone with homemade strawberry jam and a great dollop of clottted cream…bliss…
      PiP 8)


  6. I see you’re from Oregon. My siser, Rose. lives in Oregon. She lives in W. Linn. I’ve been to visit and Oregon is a beautiful place. I like the fact that there are so many trees all over the place. And it’s really clean. I like the condom idea — we should do the same here.


  7. Sorry PiP, I don’t believe in fat-free and I doubt I have any of those recipes. I’ve checked a few of my fruit recipes and they all have butter in them with plenty of sugar. 🙂


    1. They aren’t all there, but quite a few are referenced in that post.

      And definitely use the idea in your blog. I think readers love it
      when we pull categories of posts together for them.


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