Vegetable Diary July – I will never be self sufficient!

My "Monthly Diary" and the saga of my attempts to grow my own fruit and veg continues... My success rate to date leads me to believe that even if I had a large enough plot I certainly would not be self-sufficient by any stretch of the imagination! Zucchini (Courgettes) My zucchini are still desperately clinging to... Continue Reading →

Pet Peeves, Grumbles and Stuff That Bugs Me!

Margaret at Cachando Chile challenged her followers to write a post about "Stuff that just bugs me…" This challenge was not too difficult as I've definitely become more "grumpy" as I've grown older! Not that all older people are "grumpy", I hasten to add!...Hmmm I think I am digging a deeper hole here so I... Continue Reading →

Octopus Salad

We went to a BBQ last week and the hostess served this delicious Portuguese Octopus Salad. She was fascinated by the fact I was keen to photograph her cooking and share with the world. Enjoy! 1kg of Octopus 1 Onion (finely chopped) 1 Bunch of flat leaved parsley (finely chopped) 3 tbsp extra virgin olive... Continue Reading →

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