dog’s ditty…

I am not “poetic” as you will probably realise when you read my “ditty” below. I wrote it last year and dedicated it to our friends who are plagued by barking dogs. Their neighbor’s dog is particularly tiresome because it barks continuously. In fact, it was such a nuisance last summer our friends were at their wits-end, especially when it was hot, and they were unable to open their windows due to the excessive noise levels.

The owners go to work in the morning and leave the dog outside; it barks all day. When they return in the evening, they feed the dog and it is left outside to bark all night.

I feel so sorry for the poor dog as it is just seeking attention because it is lonely. It really begs the question as to why some people have a dog (as a pet) if they are just going to ignore it.

There are about 20 dogs in close proximity to where they live, some are often left to prowl the streets even though they are quite vicious. One of these dogs attacked a pushchair with a young child in it! Fortunately the child was OK due to the quick reactions of the parents however, its next victim may not be so lucky. There must be laws to deal with nuisance dogs, but if there are, they are certainly not enforced.

Piglet’s Dog’s Ditty

Our neighbor’s dog barks constantly
Driving us close to insanity.

Barking ALL day and barking ALL night
Oh, how we just long for some PEACE and QUIET!

Sleepless nights plotting revenge and more
Tossing and turning it’s just the last straw!!

WOOF, woof, WOOF we are at our wits end!
That wretched DOG’s driving us round the bend

A prayer to GOD as dawn is nearing…
Ssssh…. listen! silence…we hear ourselves CHEERING!!

Our dog neighbour … wishes us a cheery *“Tarde”
But what can we say?….except bite our tongues hard!!

*Portuguese for afternoon

Are you plagued by barking or vicious dogs left to prowl the neighborhood? Please share your thoughts…or even your own dogs “ditty”
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  1. hi guys-we have the same problem with a dog next door who barks all day-we tried EVERYTHING to no avail -the people next door are older and do not work and o’course we don’t speak portugese yet.So my beloved husband put my very loud stero outside and when it becomes intorable we put pop music on loud and if ignored -boy -don’t it get loud! we have only done this twice but the threat of it makes the owner at least come out and try to soothe the poor dog .Strangly she loves the music-the neighbours hate it so it’s not to cause a war just a reminder that we have feelings about noise too.Iknow it’s a last corse of action but at least it’s become
    controlled by the owner and has improved-hope this helps-Khrys


    1. hi Krys and welcome :),
      I’m so sorry to hear you are also experiencing problems with a barking dog.
      Since I wrote this post our dear friends have put their house on the market. Even more dogs have moved in and their life has become intolerable. They have tried speaking to people, but nothing. One person has 5 dogs, which is ridiculous in an urban area. Even paradise has warts!


  2. We have very strict laws, PiP, so no, we really do not have a problem. Certainly no dogs are allowed to roam the streets. Barking can be an issue, but councils jump on it pretty quickly when neighbours complain.

    Love the ditty though!


  3. lol Your talents never cease to amaze me. You’ve written such a Fun and truthful poem. We had dog neighbors like that years ago and I too wrote a poem about it. I may look it up and post it in your honor. 😉

    I do feel sorry for dogs like that. They get so lonely and all it would take would be some hugs and play time and a bit of training and the owners could curb a lot of that… If they really wanted too.


    1. Hi EC …yes please find your poem and post it. Funny enough I was inspired by one of RNP’s poems. Spoke to my friends again tonight…the neighbours are lovely people but they just don’t get the whole dog thing…they now live with it.
      😦 PiP


      1. I do believe we all have those neighbors from time-to-time. In every culture and country, there they are waiting to test our patience. I feel for your friends. I know that’s tough to deal with.

        I found my poem and posted it. If you get a spare minute and want too you’re welcome to come take a gander at it. 😉


  4. What a nuisance… There should be laws against that form of abuse. We had neighbors with barking dogs about a year ago. They started real early and I no longer hear them because I bet their immediate neighbors had a word with them… 🙂
    I’ve been on college visits with my twins hence my absence…
    Finally catching up on comments!


  5. What a poor dog having such inconsiderate owners! I was plagued by barking dogs for years where I used to live, coupled with an alcoholic owner. So not only did the dosg set each other off and bark continuously, the TV used to get louder and louder as the owner drank more and more. I moved in the end, it was intolerable.
    Now I still have barking dogs in the vicinity – they too are left out all day and bark at the slightest noise. It’s not their fault, it’s the owners that are at fault. There have been complaints to the council before now which restulted in the owner getting a letter and it did seem to quieten down for a while. However, they are back to their old tricks and it can be annoying and distressing too, they affect everyone’s quality of life.
    My way of dealing with it these days is (1) I invested in an ipod so if I’m outside I can’t hear them bark and (2) if I’m not wearing the ipod and the dogs are barking, I imagine they are saying hello to each and every neighbour. Stupid as it sounds it takes the edge off my frustration and sort of makes me smile instead.


  6. My next door neighbour has TWO dogs and a screaming daughter. I feel so sorry for their dogs.They never get walked and get left outside for hours.When they are out the two dogs stare in the windows and cry!


  7. Aww, poor dog. I’m sure it is lonely and just needs someone to walk it and play with it? Are there any neighborhood dog walkers who could maybe ask the pet’s owners if they’d be interested in their dog-walking services? Lots of working people around us utilize that kind of service and the dogs and owners love it. Barking dogs can drive you nuts, yet it isn’t the poor dog’s fault. There should be laws against negligent pet owners! I sure hope there’s a beneficial solution for both neighbors and the sweet dog soon.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, PiP.


    1. Hi Jackie…this is Portugal :)It is a poor country and I think animals are a way down the food chain. I will have to research to see if there are any animal welfare organisations. Not sure about dog walkers…perhaps I should suggest to my friend about taking the dog for a walk…then duck!. But seriously though I know what you mean.


  8. Poor dog! People should really think before they act. Don’t buy a dog if you’re gonna be out and about all day and haven’t even got time to play with him or walk him twice a day!


  9. Hey PiP. I feel sorry for the dogs, when people buy dogs on a whim. Then they don’t want the responsibility anymore. I feel sorry for the dog. Like you said, all it’s wanting is attention, and really, owning a pet is like adopting another member of the family!


    1. Hi Stephanie,
      There are so many dogs in the rescue centres now and will probably get worse as the austerity measures bite here in Portugal. Many people are or will shortly be on the breadline. I can empathise family and earning a living has to come first. To be honest I don’t know what the answer is…


  10. Hi Piglet,

    Did your friends tried to raise the subject with their neighbours?

    If the neighbours are good people, a nice conversation might be enough to solve the problem.


  11. I feel sorry for both the dog and your friends. I can’t understand why people have a dog and leave it outside all the time; the dog needs communication with it’s owners, they are social animals. What these people are doing is cruel.
    Your neighbours are at the brunt of it and they must be getting to the end of their tether with the noise. Have they tried talking to the owners of the dog to try and reason with them? Might be worth a shot if they don’t want to get the police involved.
    I love your little Dog Ditty!!


  12. Sad. I don’t understand people. We love our two Labs and try to give them enough exercise so that they’re contented lovable companions. Wouldn’t dream of leaving them outdoors alone all day. If I were still working for a large corporation rather than freelancing from home, I wouldn’t have a dog.

    I’m reading Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know , by Alexandra Horowitz. Perhaps you could buy the owners a copy–leave it at their doorstep!

    Poor you and the poor dog!


  13. Association Fees-I live in a condo-and we have an Association that runs things-with rules and policies each resident has to abide too-or they are sent little letters in their mail- This association fee is manatory-it also includes, water, sewerage, and all the maintance work outside of condo-all lawn work, sprinkler system, painting, repairs, and etc, and rids lots of rif-raft !!


    1. Hi Jeanne,
      Our friends have limited Portuguese and the neighbours are hard working people without a mean bone in their body as I understand. They know there is a problem but I don’t think theres been much in the way of really resolving it


  14. We’re surrounded by dog owners in our neighbourhood and every once in a while they all seem to end up in their back yards woofing and barking but it rarely lasts more than a few minutes before all dogs are recalled to have their settings retuned!

    There was an episode of Family Guy where one scene showed dogs barking in back yards only their noises where translated into English, they were actually saying: “Hey, I’m a dog, are you a dog?” and another dog would reply: “Yeah I’m a dog too, is anyone else a dog?” To which an entire chorus of replies would erupt. Very funny.


  15. No problems now. But in the past, BFF has called the police to come talk to the neighbors in the middle of the night. They didn’t like being disturbed from their slumber, so they started bringing the dog inside at night. 😀


  16. I used to have a neighbour that drank heavily, they used to put the dog out at about 11 at night and leave him outside barking until about two in the morning…nearly EVERY SINGLE NIGHT…I can’t imagine it 24/7. They need to call animal control, before it ends up with someone dying (ok, I am kidding, a little)…I would imagine their nerves are pretty darn thin….


  17. That is so sad! I feel really bad for the doggy. Can your friends report the issue to the authorities? In the U.S. we can report them to animal control. That doggy deserves a better life. Oh, I’m such an animal lover that I forget to say …. sorry for your friends too. 🙂


    1. Hi Brenda LOL…:) It’s amazing I think every comment has started so far with concern for the dog, but our friends who are really nice kind people were heading for a nervous breakdown when I wrote this “ditty”


  18. Oh that poor dog! Those owners should not be allowed to keep him. So sad for him and your friends who have to put up with the consequences of the animal cruelty.

    Cute little ditty…


    1. Hi Shell,
      I wish the owners would just realise they do not have the time to look after a dog and ask the local dog charity to rehome it, but NOT near us!
      These are not bad uncaring people, they work very long hours and also have small children and I’m sure they just do not think.


  19. You are so correct in saying that the poor dog just wants so attention. It needs a companion if the owners won’t give it attention, although you may then have two barking dogs instead of one. I have two dogs and the only barking they do is when someone comes to the house or there are other dogs and people walking in the street in front of the house. And that’s not that much, once I tell them to shhh.Dogs crave attention, until cats who will tell you when they want attention and otherwise they are pretty much loners. I love my dogs but if they had a barking problem, I would take them to a behaviorist to help with the problem. I liked your little poem. What else can you do besides write about your problems? Do they have noise laws in Portugal or the town where you live. I know here the police would issue a noise ticket and a fine if the barking didn’t stop.


    1. Hi Maire,
      If the dog barked when people/dogs went by that is understandable, but the poor thing is desperately lonely and craves attention. Meanwhile our friends are stocking up on valium 😦
      Noise laws, yes. Dogs are not meant to be left barking I think between the hours of 22.00 (23.00?) and 7.00. This is dealt with by the police as far as I know. Our friends however, will not take action against their Portuguese neighbours.


  20. Loved that last verse 🙂 So true of human nature.

    It’s tantamount to animal cruelty because the poor dog is clearly unhappy. I bet they don’t walk it either. What’s the equivalent of the RSPCA?


    1. Hi Tilly,
      I feel so sorry for our friends. I’ve been to their house when the dog is barking, it’s really awful and just goes on and on. To be honest I don’t know how the owners sleep through the racket.
      I don’t think there is an equiv to the RSPCA tou could get the polcie invoved I believe, but then you have bad feelings with neighbours 😦


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