Expatica Portugal’s best blog 2010/2011.


Hi Folks,
You may recall a couple of weeks ago “Piglet in Portugal” was shortlisted for the “Expatica Portugal’s best blog 2010/2011”.

Thanks to your support I won! Expatica is quite a prestigious Expat website so I am really pleased.

Thanks Expatica for nominating me and thanks to all my followers for voting.

The lucky winners from other countries can be viewed here

Thanks once again
PiP 🙂

35 thoughts on “Expatica Portugal’s best blog 2010/2011.

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  1. not much of a surprise since your site is great! nice to have that external confirmation though. and even nicer for those looking for information like you provide. 🙂


  2. Hi Folks,
    thanks so much…it was you guys who made it possible! Trouble is now I can’t remember how to add apicture as a widget… any ideas, pelase?. My daughter added the Top Blog Portugal widget…and she has too much on her mind.


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