Weekly Photo Challenge: One

Are you taking part in the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge? This week’s theme is ONE. So my take on “ONE” is“ONE” Happy Pig!
Why is this Pig happy?

ONE happy pig!
ONE happy pig!

It just loves to be scratched!

Piggy enjoys having her back scratched!
Piggy enjoys having her back scratched!

I adore pigs what about you?
Please feel free to share your best PIG jokes…!

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25 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: One

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  1. PiP, I love these photos. I’ve never been attracted to pigs before (as I’ve told you, goats are my thing), but these photos make me want to reach out and scratch one behind the ear!


  2. Are you sure she is okay PiP? She looks more dead than happy. Oy vey! Of course I love pigs! They are smart and well… kinda cute. 🙂


  3. Why did I have to read about its destiny! Such a cute pig but now I am sad 😦
    I’m definitely not a vegetarian but there’s just something about connecting with an animal and then killing IT for food…I could never imagine personally doing it.
    This is why I leave the acquiring of meat to others…


  4. A pig did a wee on my wellies when I was on a primary school trip to a farm. I don’t blame the pig, I blame my mum for buying me bright red wellies instead of green ones like all my friends had!


    1. LOL 🙂
      I can see you are scarred for life as you were not part of the “green” wellie brigade. Now would they be the proper “hunter” green wellies? Country folk always had the green wellies!

      This little piggy went to market
      This little piggy stayed at home
      and this little piggy went “wee wee wee”….
      Where did he go wee wee wee?
      on poor Dave’s new red wellie…


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