Poem: Thursday Photo Prompt #writephoto

  Rebirth Mind’s landscape, a mirage of memories displaced between earth and sky Reality’s horizon bears witness as naked limbs shiver in winter’s chill. Leaves tremble memories decay reborn as spirits they rise from steaming earth thoughts gain clarity uncertainty dispelled they bathe in the warmth of winter sun This is my entry and first... Continue Reading →


Poetry: Spirits Have No Boundaries

Like a million stars sunrays dance to me across the soulless sea They dazzle me as light and motion pirouette in unison. Tempting me closer --------closer towards the horizon. A path beckons, ---teasing me ------enticing me to walk my dreams-----into the light I raise my glass to toast the golden orb I know it understands... Continue Reading →

Poetry Challenge: Day 6 – Enjambment (Mind Maggots)

It's day six of the WordPress ten day poetry challenge and my creative enthusiasm is beginning to ebb. Today's challenge is 'enjambment' which (as per the WordPress defintion is Enjambment is all about the arrangement of words on the screen (or page, as the case may be), and how that arrangement affects the pace of... Continue Reading →

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